It sure ain’t gonna be all Test tubes & Lab Coats with Camper Lab

imageFollowing the recent appointment of Romain Kremer as Creative Director to the Spanish Footwear brand,  Camper, its just unveiled its newest retail experience worldwide with their CamperLab stores.

An experimental platform where new concepts are introduced, the CamperLab stores represent the essence of Kremer’s vision and are a window into a new era at Camper.

Comprised of 8 key existing locations including London, Paris, New York and Berlin, the CamperLab establishes the tone for Camper shops worldwide.

The Lab also features a more definitive choice of the new proposal edited by Kremer himself along with icons revisited, introducing a redefinition of Camper’s aesthetic directed towards a more contemporary and youthful audience.

In conjunction with the Lab stores Camper has also launched two new social media platforms. The content and news feeding these platforms will be directly connected to the latest at CamperLab helping to introduce its new attitude and facilitate a dialogue with a new and wider following.



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