See no Evil, Hear no Evil – MOSTLY HEARD RARELY SEEN (MHRS)

imageLiving up to its name, after long last, the highly sort after Streetwear brand, Mostly Heard Rarely Seen or MHRS as it’s widely known makes it’s European debut this month exclusively in Harvey Nichols. Inspired by his surrounds, the secretive and elusive designer Thomas ‘Tomakira’ Li, has created a collection that reflects the Eastern streetwear cultures of Japan and Hong Kong, where he grew up it focuses on design, quality and innovation. With an emphasis on not being seen, Li’s collection encourages customers to use their sense of touch to appreciate the collection. He uses complex fabric combinations, appliqued motifs and textures to excite the modern man looking for a twist on traditionalism.

imageTomakira champions the concept of producing something creative while shunning celebrity status. The ascendant designer wears a mask in public and never does interviews. His collection was conceived in part to inspire a generation of Japanese youth to stop focusing on superficial aspects of identity and to build a reputation based on one’s artistic creations. Tomakira’s signature motif, the nanoblock, is both an eternally popular childhood toy and a symbol of unbridled creativity.

Drawing on outdoor living and the eastern streets, MHRS makes reference to traditional 1970’s style hunting jackets, denim jackets and military surplus silhouettes adding a contemporary twist to iconic details. The result is a collection that showcases mixed media fabrics, cut and sew finishes and patchwork appliques. Although referencing the past, the construction of the garments and innovative styling techniques are fused with functionality, making for a wearable and unique collection.




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