Going to the Chapel – What to wear to a wedding by Sarah Gilfillan

Wedding season is upon us and if you have a wedding(s) to attend this summer, then one of your key considerations should be what to wear. Don’t leave it till the last minute to try on the suit that you’ve planned to wear, just in case you find out that it needs dry cleaning/repairing/ doesn’t fit or the moths have been dining on it.

And if you do find out any of the above – it looks like it’s time to buy a new suit. Read on for my tips on how to choose what to wear to a wedding.


A wedding is the ideal opportunity to go for something more interesting than your standard navy or grey. A rich green, a vibrant blue, a deep burgundy or on the lighter side, a denim blue, pale grey or beige could all be good choices. Whichever it is, make sure you choose one that suits your skin tone. One of my clients visibly aged by about 20 years when he tried on a silver grey suit which didn’t suit his warm skin tone, but looked glowing in a deep olive green one!

Contrasting colours ie: dark suit and light shirt look more formal or if you wear more tonal colours ie: denim blue suit and pale blue shirt they’re more relaxed. Scale this up or down according to the formality of the wedding.

If you need to use this suit for many other occasions including business events then stick to a dark neutral and add colour and a touch of frivolity with your accessories.





A slimmer, shorter cut differentiates a contemporary style from a classic, business style so this could be the point of difference from your work suit. Another idea would be to go for a double breasted style, back in fashion after years in the wilderness, it can give a very elegant and dapper look. Wear a waisted style that fits you like a glove rather than the looser cuts of the Eighties.

If you have a large stomach and are stocky in stature then stick to a more complementary single breasted style. and embrace the peaked lapel trend which will flatter your figure by taking the eye out towards the shoulders. This will widen them and concurrently take the eye away from your mid-section – enhanced further by wearing a pocket square.

A three piece suit also comes into play for a wedding, looking suitably smart, concealing your stomach if it’s in a dark shade, or adding an extra layer if it turns out to be a cold, damp July day in the great British summertime.



Mohair will give an extra depth and sheen to the fabric and gives a luxurious feel to your suit differentiating it from a business suit, with the added bonus that it doesn’t crease much. Linen, chambray or silk mixes are great if you like a less structured softer feel but be aware that they will crease, so if you have a long journey to get to the wedding, you may want to choose something else. Cotton, and seersucker in particular, are great options if travelling to a hot country, being both lightweight and crease resistant.






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