It’s Magic -Stone Island Marina

imageRemember the Hypercolour T-Shirts of the 1980’s, they started off one colour then as you warmed up, or simply with body heat they changed to a different one, yeah they were all the rage. That was until it was you wore it and the first area to change colour was you armpits, which just highlighted something, which really didn’t need a big colour changing ¬†arrow to point it out.

Anywho, the technology behind this has moved on in leaps and bounds and luxury Sportswear brand Stone Island¬†are implementing it in a whole new way within their new Stone Island Marina range. It’s described as, “A meeting point between the Sports look and total relaxation.”

The technology used with this range on waistcoats in fine cotton muslin changes colour according to the temperature. The molecules of the micro coloured pigments encapsulated in the fabric changes colour gradually as the temperature rises, changing the shade of the jackets. Plus to make this a little more technical and a ravers delight, glow in the dark details have been used on the detailing, piping and print.




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