A Guide to investing in a Vintage Luxury Watch by the Watch Club

Morning Folks, there are certain things that everyman should have in his sartorial repertoire. One being a good quality understated watch, essential a watch is an investment piece and when making a purchase of this nature, you should try and stretch your budget so you go for the best watch your budget can afford. Now a great tip is to look at vintage watches, not only do they tend to be a little more unique but often are a great talking point. Mrs Mc invested in a Vintage Rolex for yours truly the day I made an honest woman of her and it never fails to impress people, particularly me. But in all honesty, remember, people read a lot into the watch on your wrist and often make assumptions on it, so make them good ones. Now take a few moment to watch this great guide to investing in a vintage watch from the wonderful watchclub.com

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