Gaolhouse Rock – Gaolhouse Denim

imageTalk about a Rollacoaster ride, I first became aware of Gaolhouse Denim over a year ago when they started following Clothes Make the Man via Twitter. The name and concept stood out to me and I started to converse with their founder Will Unwin via this social media medium. Now I call it a Rollacoaster ride because, back in June last year, after speaking to Will on a number of occasions and everything being on course, like a bolt outta the blue I receive an email from him. He informed me that after blood, sweat and tears, plus more importantly Will’ s time  and savings the ministers over at the Home Office no longer wanted to produce clothes and have them branded as ‘made in prison’. Nonetheless, like a Phoenix from the ashes, Will has won the big wigs over and as you can see the first line from Gaolhouse is finally here.

imageThe brand started to work with the British Prison Service and the National Offender Management Service to create our first line of premium denim back in 2012. Working hand in hand with prisoners to design and develop their debut line. Together they have been able to support prison industries and provide invaluable work to those looking to take part in the rehabilitating and rewarding process of the prison work scheme.

The first pair of jean in the range are a slim cut, classic 5 pocket jean. It’s made from an 11.5oz unwashed denim, sourced from one of the best mills in the world. Its design is beautifully simple, reflecting the very methodical and practical way in which prisoners are taught to sew. Having been developed by prisoners, the jeans are then crafted right here in the UK. They are produced in small wonderfully batches so that a close eye can be kept on quality and detail.


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