I’m spoking your language -Spoke, by Sarah Gilfillan

imageAs a personal stylist for men I’m fully aware that the current trend for a skinny and super skinny fit is no friend of the gentleman with a manly (read chunky) set of thighs. It’s proving a bit of a nightmare to find much choice in trousers for those clients, especially with chinos, as sometimes when you do go for a more standard fit they can end up looking, how should I put this, a little old fashioned. So, when I heard aboutSpoke I rejoiced, and even more so when I realised I already knew it’s founder, Ben Farren.

imageLet me tell you about them – they have a tightly edited selection of chinos in a variety of colours, and the brilliant part is that they come in all sizes, going up in 1″ increments in the waist size & leg length, plus they also come in different “builds”. All you need to do is to measure round your thighs, your waist and your inside leg, and punch that into their calculator and it’ll tell you the size and build you need to order. They have a wide range of sizes, going up to a 36″ waist and down to a 28″ leg length, but if they don’t happen to have them in stock they’ll make them up to order.

With free shipping and returns, a pretty reasonable price tag, and a complimentary tape measure if you don’t have one, all in all I reckon this makes for a pretty great service. And with no more pesky alterations needed at the dry cleaners to get a perfectly fitted pair of trousers, whether you have knobbly knees or chunky thighs, you might just find that Spoke is your new best friend.

imageSarah Gilfillan is founder of www.sartorialab.co.uk

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