Bloggers Create – The Tateossian Project – Competition time !!!!

imageJust before the Yuletide you may, or may not, remember I posted about the wonderful Bloggers Create Project that the brand Tateossian had dreamt up, where five leading menswear bloggers, Dan Hasby-Oliver, Last Style of Defense; Craig Landale, Menswear Style, Luke Todd, FashionBeans,Callum Watt, Maketh-The-Man and my good self were commissioned to design a Limited Edition bracelet, 25 only ever being produced in the whole blinking creation of the Universe !

Now during the recent London Collections:MEN  Tateossian hosted a party in their Central London Flagship store to celebrates these collaborative Masterpieces. But I’m sure what you  want to know more about is the best of the bracelets, which I’m sure you don’t need to ask, who designed ???? Well, yes my bracelet, yes don’t sound surprised, my bracelet, centres all around, “The daily battle of Good & Evil”, well it was Halloween it the time of our design meeting.

imageAs I’m sure you are are all too aware, we all have a good and a not so good side and every single day we have the struggle of waking up and trying to be the best person we possibly can. BUT mundane factors get in the way, whether that be Public Transport, Your Boss, … Whatever it may be these elements bring out the worst in us and this bracelet is to help us maintain our ying and yang. My bracelet is a daily reminder to stop, breathe and embrace both sides that make us all up and to assist you in distressing and maintaining. Think of it as a worry or Rosary beads with the lil charming reminders of our good & bad sides, them being a skull & crucifix.


Now if you fancy getting your hands on one of these select, highly desirable and mustn’t forget Very Limited Edition Tateossian bracelets or “The daily battle of Good & Evil” bracelets, to give it, it’s correct title worth over £120 ? Or fancy treating the man in your life to this wonderful gift. Then all you have to do is sign up to from now until midnight (GMT) on 27th Feburary 2014, YES IT’S THAT EASY, I PROMISE !!!!


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