A Revolubetion in Shaving – King of Shaves NEW Hyperglide Razor

Hyperglide-3-Cart-Pack-Front-v1After four long and hard years of research, long into the night and development. Will King, founder of King of Shaves, is proud to announce the creation of a razor that implements something called superhydrophilic or super water loving to you and me, advanced technology on the cartridge’s entire shaving surface to create its own shaving gel so users can just simply add eater and shave, YES SHAVE AND GO, if you so like.

This truly amazing innovation was originally developed by a UK University for use in the medical industry, to aid in they easy insertion of catheters into arteries with minimal invasive friction.

Hyperglide-Handle-Rear-v1King says of this revolutionary or Revolubetion as he likes to call it, “Launching Hyperglide is aniPhone moment for us. Competitor razors require shave prep – gel, foam or cream – to deliver a comfortable and close shave whereas with Hyperglide, water does the hard work.We pioneer the new – ‘just add water and shave’. Its taken four years and £5m investment to develop and perfect this technology, which is a genuine shaving first.’

Plus with a premium, luxury, limited edition version n the pipeline, watch this space….

Now without sounding like Ronnie Corbett, perched on the edge of his 1970’s leather armchair, wearing his gerrish Pringle Golf sweater. “A funny thing happened to me on the way to work”, well not quite work but, just before Christmas myself & Mrs Mc attended a wonderful Winter Wedding in deepest, Darkest Cheshire. I know, where is this story going, I know but basically, I forgot to pack any shaving foam but had packed this product, the all new King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor and I can testify, it not only works but works blindingly well, no shaving rash, itching or redness and all without the use of Shaving foam.



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  1. 20/01/2014 / 08:04

    This new kind of shaver is very revolutionary! I love men with neat-looking face so I’m sure that this will help them obtain that neat face.

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