Get your Jeans on – The Return of Brutus Denim

image002Whatever good came out of the 1970’s ? Well, for starters an amazing era in music, with Disco, Soft Rock, Motown and Funk all emerging round about this time. Let’s not forget incredibly iconic film such as Star Wars, The Godfather, Rocky, Jaws, Superman and The Exorcist. Plus, The Sweeney, Raising Damp, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Love Boat and if we weren’t watching TV we were playing such groundbreaking computer games on our Atari consoles as Space Invaders, Asteroids, Snake, Pong or Breakout. Which brightened our days during the Cold War, The Oil Crisis and the Power cuts. But nothing compared to the fashion, oh yes who can forget the fashion of the 70’s ? We had such enduring style icons as Burt Reynolds, Tom Jones and John Travolta and two things dominated Fashion Hair and lots of it and Denim, in all shapes, cuts, and washes.

One brand during this era were renowned for their daring denim and impossible styles, BRUTUS ! The Brutus legacy first started in 1971 with a 4 patch pocket flared brushed jean. With pioneering new techniques in denim production, Brutus were the first UK brand to buy Japanese denim and produce selvage; this created huge demand and worldwide publicity. At their height, Brutus were selling 5 million pairs of jeans a year outselling both Levi’s and Wrangler. Their campaigns were photographed by David Bailey and they even had a number 1 hit with their TV advert song; ‘Get your jeans on’.

During the mid 70’s, the brand reached cult status with their award winning Ad campaigns, produced by the infamous ‘Saatchi and Saatchi’. The brand is currently featured in the prestigious V&A museum for its iconic relevance to British culture.

So after the successful revival of their iconic ‘Trimfit’ shirts, this for Winter13, Brutus follows by re-launching the very thing that rose the brand to fame 40 years ago; DENIM. Staying true to their roots, Brutus deliver an impressive new denim collection alongside 20 new tartan checked shirts, inspired by their 1970’s archive pieces.


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  1. 29/11/2013 / 13:27

    I´m a Brutus lover, this iconic denim collection is awesome.

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