Taking the High Road – Johnstons of Elgin

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Cashmere is luxurious, no arguments there, and it isn’t something that can be scrimped upon, its a product that if treated well will, literally, last you a lifetime, and in doing so will look after you and treat you well. But please don’t be under any preconception that if you pay £30-40 for a cashmere knit from a Supermarket, this will natural be the case.

Working with Cashmere is a real art and requires skilled craftsmen and women to create the optimum products that this fabric can produce. One such and noted house is nestled deep in the Scottish countryside, perched on the banks of the river Lossie, sits a majestic mill; one of the best kept secrets in Scottish textiles. Known the world-over as the experts in cashmere and fine woollens; Johnstons of Elgin has stood strong for over two centuries. This is a brand that searches far and wide to source only the finest and most luxurious fibres the world has to offer, and it is it’s extraordinary quality that gives its cashmere its enduring and unique appeal.

From dyeing to blending, carding to spinning, winding to weaving, knitting to scouring, milling to teaselling, cutting to folding; it all happens in their own mills on Scottish soil. Whether it’s a glove, scarf, jumper or cloth; every piece is made to last. From accessories to fabrics, their product defines luxury & quality.

image004For Winter 2013 the brand references British eccentricity and Scottish heritage. It offers a contemporary take, using heritage trims such as soft suede and tweed inserts for both style and practicality. The juxtaposition of contrasting fabrics in a single garment is a signature look for Johnstons of Elgin, who turned to their own archive to find fantastic 1970’s Glen checks and Houndstooth tweeds.    image005

These outstanding principles are what attracted the Grand Dame of British Fashion, Dame Vivienne Westwood to collaborate with Johnstons. That shared passion for traditional production techniques and the preservation of skills already passed down through generations. The brand was approached as they epitomise Westwood’s ‘Quality over Quantity- buy less, choose well, make it last’ ethos.



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