Forget your Crazy Horses & Wild Stallions its all about Flying Horse Jeans

_MG_4577 copyDenim brands are pretty much two a penny these days and to try and achieve stand out amongst this ever so crowded market is a tall order, but Flying Horse Jeans are a British denim brand specialising in Indigo dyeing and a unique construction of denim apparel. The brand is inspired by nomadic sun soaked travels throughout the islands of South East Asia and their ability to create really amazing indigo washes through different dyeing processes.

The brand was founded in October 2010 by friends David Rix and Sanjay Madan, who met whilst working together on a previous assignment and came up with the idea of a new denim brand based on the lifestyle concept of nomadic adventures around Asia. David has over 18 years of design experience working with the likes of Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch. Whereas Sanjay has been in the jeans manufacturing industry for over 30 years and owns a factory in Thailand where the brand is produced.

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