One does look spiffing today thanks to the Dandy Gent Grooming range

groupDerby, UK, isn’t particular known for its grooming ranges, Thorntons Chocolates and The League of Gentlemen, yes, grooming not so. But this is exactly where the great new Dandy Gent range hails from. The Dandy Gent has been dreamt up by professional barber Shane O’Shaughnessy after years of experience he’s put his knowledge of hair, styling and, skin and shaving into practice and developed this complete range.

Each product has been developed and adapted over time in the safety of his salon until the perfect results were achieved.

Harking back to the days when a gentleman would take his time to look his best and enjoy the experience on offer to him in a comfortable men only barber shop environment, the products have been developed around classic ‘old school’ barber shop recipes  but using the finest, cutting edge, modern day ingredients, offering the best of both worlds to the customer.

The Dandy Gent range of products, which include refreshing Lime Shaving Cream, a selection of old school Shaving Brushes and  cooling Post Shave Hydrating Gel, all aimed at stoping those daily grooming routines feeling like a chore and turn them into a pleasurable experience again, giving you that Barber Shop feel in comfort of your own home.


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