A winning combination – Bradley Wiggins for Fred Perry

IMG_6102-Edit2012 was an amazing year for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons, both Mrs Mc and Mrs Beyonce Carter gave birth to beautiful children, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 60 years on the throne, the predicted end of the world didn’t happen, Francois Hollande was elected President of France, Manchester City won the Premiership (OK this didn’t make everyone happy), the two Biggest nations in the world elected leaders, one a returning (Barack Obama) and one new (Xi Jinping), a blog called Clothes-Make-the-man.com launched and a guy called Bradley Wiggins had a VERY good year. Not only did Wiggins win the Tour de France, he also picked up Gold at The Olympics Games and finished the year in the Guiness book of records and was knighted by the aforementioned Monarch.
Now, some might say Wiggo’s biggest achievement of last year was not given enough coverage and may have even gone unnoticed by a number of you. Well did you know that Sir Bradley Marc Wiggins collaborated with legendary casual wear brand Fred Perry ? For this collection he has followed a clear brief to create an authentic, non- technical range of off-cycle wear. The collection is not high-tech performance sportswear or track memorabilia, it is a single-minded collection that can be worn every day. British to the core with a typically clean, lean Fred Perry aesthetic refreshed with iconic cycling details such as extended hems and rear patch pockets.

The Spring 2013 Bradley Wiggins x Fred Perry collection is a collaboration that genuinely reflects Bradley’s personality. The understated but distinctly retro-Mod personality is epitomised by a ‘vintage’ palette inspired by colour cards from the Fred Perry archive. Wiggins’ passion for his country are reflected in the GB red, white and blue, particularly in multi-stripe trims and tipping.

Key pieces include the zip neck short sleeve cycling shirt, a more sporty panelled cycling shirt, a vintage track jacket that harks back to the days of Reg Harris and Tommy Simpson and a stretch twill city short and a drop hem Harrington.


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