Something for the Weekend

Welcome to the 10th edition of something for the weekend, the bi-monthly series where we share some of our favourite picks from the past, present and near-ish future all available to cop.

We further give you a brief brand history to hopefully uplift your fashion general knowledge. If your new to this mini-series we hope you enjoy! If youre one our many returning readers, thank you for reading week upon week! Be sure to hit us up @clothesmaketheman on the socials to let us know which brand you would like us to feature next time. Without further blabble lets get into this weeks #SFTW.

Dickies Fleeced Flannel Portland Shirt – Amazon – £28.95 (Free Delivery via Amazon)

This over-shirt from American brand Dickies provides a quality outer layer for your Autumn wardrobe transition. Available in other colours we decided on the conservative grey/black version for the outfit this week. Having recently grabbed a couple of these shirt’s myself, the return on investment second to none. No surprises really with the workwear brand behind it.

Dickies foundations were laid in the early 1920s. Dickie, his cousin and his cousins son the Williamsons formed a manufacturer named Williamson-Dickie. The 1930s saw a surge in demand for affordable workwear which Dickies provided to the mainly working class public successfully. The brand managed to secure contracts with the US armed forces providing uniforms during World War II. Post war when Dickies could put its focus back on members of the public, it became a household name for quality workwear.

When oil workers began to travel over to Europe and the middle-east for work, they took with them their Dickies clothing. Spreading the word. Kickstarting the brands global presence. To this day dickies has kept its positioning as the affordable, quality workwear for your everyday guy or girl. Adding to their male product offering in the 1980s with the introduction of workwear for women.

The brand today, whilst maintaining its weighty stake in the industrial sector. Like many workwear brands too many to name. The streetwear community has adapted its offering to carry it over into a more pop lane. The 871,872,873 work pants in-particular becoming a modern day staple.

The fit of the shirt comes oversized, its definitely advisable taking a size down or if your

in-between sizes choose the smaller of the two. Link to it below :

2. Y-3 Track pants – £283.33 (10% off with

Y-3 born in 2003 is possibly one of the most successful and long standing partnerships between a footwear giant and acclaimed designer. Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto. The ‘Y’ representing Yohji. The ‘3’ representing Adidasiconic three stripes.

Tokyo born Yohji, like many other major designers had an alternate route into fashion. Shortly after gaining his law degree in 1966, Yohji decided it wasnt the right lane for his calling. He began assisting his mother – a dressmaker, before enrolling at Bunka Fashion College, the stomping ground of equally hailed designer Junya Watanabe. Upon graduating Yohji was awarded a prize to go and work in the Mecca of fashion designParis. Despite this offer Yohji decided to build his pre-natal empire in Japan, going on to open his first ready to wear store in Tokyo. Eureka.

After growing successfully in Japan with multiple stores, Yohji eventually made the jump to Paris where his namesake label blew up. Yohji was praised for his avant grade silhouettes which were black, black and more black.

The birth of Y-3 came around as a result of Yohjis wish to explore an alternate avenue within fashion design. Not rare for a creative mind at all. He contacted Adidas directly with this proposition. Not before calling Nike of course.

He was denied the chance to work with Nike however. In an interview with Vogue-Runway Yohji spoke on his experience when he approached Nike with his proposition.

I made a phone call to Nike,”  “They gave me a very proper answer: ‘Thank you very much, Mr. Yamamoto, but we are going never to fashion, we are going only to sportswear.

The rest really is history, Yohji originally made subtle references to the sportswear brand by placing the three-stripes on his Y-3 designs, the collaborative effort has built a huge entity, with successful lines in apparel and footwear. Menswear & Womenswear. Adidas and Yohji.

Link to the pants below:

3. Adidas Ozweego – £90.00 ]

The Adidas Ozweego is back after a long lay off. The silhouette was re-invented a few years ago by luxury menswear designer Raf Simons. Whilst the Raf Simons Ozweego receives new iterations season by season, its make-up is a far cry from the OG pair which was first released in 96. But looking at the new silhouette it likewise appears rather distant in its appearance from its father the OG. Similarities can be drawn on the sole design, mud guard and lace eyelets but thats about it. Oh and the three stripes.

The Ozweego has proved popular since its re-launch last month. Another stripe over check in the Adidas vs Nike war. Adidas as a brand has been around longer than its Rival Nike, around 15 years.

The sportswear giants beginnings can be traced back to 1924 in a then town called Herzogenaurach under the name Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik’’. Registered by a man named Adi Dassler. You can see where this end up. Like many other sportswear pioneers Dasslers mission was to provide quality athletes with quality gear to compete in.

Mr Dassler didnt do to badly picking up the small company’s first gold medal in Amsterdam in 1928 with runner Linda Radke. After the end of world war two in 1949, Dassler renamed the company ‘Adi Dassler adidas Sportschuhfabrik. Supported by a wealth of around 50 or so employees the company made football boots for the German national team, winning the 1954 world cup final against close rival Hungary. If there was ever a catalyst for the brands success it was this moment.

Following on from the 54world cup, Adidas like Nike has become a household name leveraging its huge influence in the sporting world to etch huge endorsement deals with athletes, artists, public figures and hyped brands alike. Lionel Messi, Run DMC, James Harden, Kendall Jenner, Palace Skateboards, A$AP Ferg. Given that Im writing this as a fairly novice 22 year old in my celebrity history forgive me if Ive missed out some heavy hitter in that list.

Link to the sneakers are below!

We hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of #SFTW, see you in a couple of weeks


Ohhhhh the nights are drawing in, most of us are unluckily enough to have returned from our Summer holidays and yes we have that sick feeling in our stomachs, reminiscent of the ones we use to get at the thought of going back to school, Ohhhh God Autumn in here. Yep, September’s only round the corner and cold dark nights, just behind it, but let’s not get down about it, because with September and Autumn comes the best season for menswear ! I mean who wants to wear, shorts and flip flops and swimwear and sunglasses and t-shirts, I DON’T, honestly.

Anyway, all of those nice retailer type folks have gone to all the trouble of sourcing great coats, sweaters, boots and jackets so you can layer up and look cool as, my friend.

River Island going for a much more subdued and sophisticated feel for Autumn this season.

COS always push the boundaries, but never to far into the ridiculous or unwearable. No changes for this season, in a class of their own!

Not having the best of times on the high Street at the moment, for poor old TOPMAN, but have to say well done guys as you’d never know looking at this sterling example of  Autumnal ware, keep it up fellas.

This brand have totally got their act together over the last couple of season and are producing genuine, stylish gear with the quality to match. Well done Jacamo.

Cool, considered and the epitome of stylish, from the premium end of our Great British High street is Jigsaw Menswear. Keep it up amazing!

Another brand that isn’t having the best of time at the moment, but you’d never know. M&S are knocking it out at the moment, you always know you can rely on the quality of their produce but 10 out 10 for style and generally getting right for Autumn.

The best kept secret in the beauty industry, until now – D.S & Durga

D.S & Durga believe in perfume’s ability to conjure unseen worlds. The power of scent is equal to that of sight and sound. Artistry is their first priority.

D.S. is really the perfumer. He taught himself how to make perfume by immersing himself in all things fragrant. He is passionate about translating musical and literary spaces into scent. His distinct process involves creating accords of lifelike objects, places, characters and weaving them into rich narratives. The sniffer reading the description should be clearly able to sense the ideas within the perfume.

Kavi (aka Durga) designs everything. She approaches her work like an architect (the profession she left for ‘fumes’). Thinking in angles, light, shadow, and texture, Kavi seeks to create clarity in form and function for the houses of the perfumes. With great intention she honors the subtle messages of product design.

D.S. & Durga were pioneers in the DIY Brooklyn movement around the turn of the century. They began by turning things they loved into scents. At first handmade scented stories of cowboys, open terrain, Russian novel characters, folksongs etc, and packed them into hand-stamped boxes in their Bushwick apartment. They started from scratch, taught themselves as they went along, and did it their way.

All of their boxes contain descriptions, notes, stories, and anecdotes about the perfume inside. Though a perfume can be enjoyed without knowing its name, they believe it enriches the experience to talk about and understand what they are trying to say, why they made something, and what is in it.

This season sees the launch of the best-loved scents re-imagined. Let your self be enveloped by three scents that are now available as a luxurious body wash and lotion that will leave your skin hydrated, nourished and lightly scented by the world of D.S & Durga.

Watching and wearing the work of a Fashion Genius – Jean Paul Gaultier Watches

Unless you’ve been fully consumed by BREXIT this Summer, it’s been hard to miss and why would you want to ? The Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Freak Show, a retrospective of the work of this Fashion Revolutionary. This became the hottest ticket in town where every celeb under the sun came to pay homage to the Gallic genius.

It’s disputable the effect this Frenchman has had on modern culture whether through his Fashions, fragrances or even through his participation on Eurotrash with Antoine de Caunes.

Now another way to access and participate in the work of this legendary style icon is the Jean Paul Gaultier watch collection, like his couture fashion is original, creative and glamourous. Bearing the name of the eponymous French “enfant terrible” fashion designer, the watches have all the hallmarks of the brand – from the familiar sailor stripes to punk chic studs and chains synonymous with the designer’s catwalk collections.

Each new collection in the watch portfolio features a key reference from the Gaultier repertoire: “Punk chic”, with faceted bracelets reminiscent of the famous corset and a rock n’roll heart. “Index”, a new line with Arabic figures and a toothed rim around the bezel. “Bord Cote”, a tubular design to create a ribbed effect on the mirror dial. “Navy Tattoo”, is a tribute to the classic Gaultier logo with an original rose tattoo design embossed on the dial with the designer’s name. “Decroche” pieces are inspired by the vintage telephone clearly seen on the dial and a detachable wide leather cuff for different styles. Finally “Cockpit”, an aviator style watch, with a white padded bracelet and a blue aluminium bezel.

All the watches are 316L stainless steel with ion plating finishing in different colours, such as gold, rose gold, gun metal etc. All watches are water resistant to 3, 5 or 10 ATM making them perfect for everyday use.

Class can commence – MICROBIOME 101

What is the skin microbiome? I hear you ask well, simply, just like our gut relies on certain types of bacteria to keep it healthy, the same goes for our skin. Our skin hosts roughly 100 trillion micro-organisms made up of more than 1000 species of bacteria, viruses, mites and fungi. The place where all this bacteria and other microorganisms live is called our skin biome. It’s a rich ecosystem that plays a key role in how our skin looks and feels and is largely affected by our surroundings, what we eat and the products we use. Scientists can now tell just by looking at a skin swab which people share the same home, office or even city and cohabiting couples can even be identified by their microbiome profile in nine out of 10 cases. Research is also indicating that some of these microbes promote skin health.

Why should we use probiotics in skincare then? Microbes were present long before we started using products and our skin functioned in a healthy native state. The rise of preservatives in skin and body care along with a number of other factors have eradicated cultures of good bacteria present on our skin. Research is still in its infancy so we’re only just starting to understand the impact this has had on us. Correlative data shows that as our modern hygiene products have advanced, so has the rise of skin concerns such as acne, eczema and dermatitis.

Using probiotics in skincare not only increases cultures of good bacteria on the skin but also optimises their healing benefits; providing a protective barrier by outnumbering bad bacteria, maintaining skin pH and taking down inflammation among many others. It is believed the skin microbiome is the basis of healthy-looking skin.

With a living ecosystem that is out of balance, it’s difficult for it to do the job it needs to. Because of this, the biggest benefit of using probiotic and biome-friendly products is that it helps your skin look and feel good on its own

Probiotic, Prebiotic and Postbiotics; what’s the difference? Probiotics are defined as live bacteria that deliver a benefit to their host. For Mother Dirt their probiotic is the live, patented strain of Ammonia Oxidising Bacteria, Nitrosomonas Eutropha.

Prebiotics are food for good bacteria that ensures their survival and growth. Their bacteria feeds off your sweat (specifically ammonia) so sweat is essentially the prebiotic here which we product naturally so it’s is constantly feeding and growing. The removal of ammonia from the skin helps the skin maintain a normal skin pH.

Postbiotics are by-products of the bacteria’s natural function and can be powerful molecules that support your skins healthy barrier. For Mother Dirt the postbiotic is created when the AOB bacteria converts ammonia into Nitrite and Nitrite Oxide which help calm and soothe the skin.