A Bold Instinct by David Beckham – New Fragrance

Mr Beckham, we all know as, one of the most iconic footballers of all time, one part of the most powerful celebrity couples since Antony & Cleopatra. One if not the most style conscious, followed, copied and admired style muses in menswear in all time !

However, if I said he is one of the most successful and popular Fragrance creators, would you be surprised ? You shouldn’t be as he is literally worth his weight in Gold and has partnered with one of the biggest Fragrance houses in the world, Coty and worked with some of the best and most respected perfumers in the industry including Pierre Negrin, Maurice Roucel, Nelly Hachem-Ruiz, Nathalie Lorson, Aurelien Guichard, Jean-Christophe Herault, Amandine Clerc-Marie, Beatrice Piquet, Alain Astori, Alienor Massenet, Elise Benat, Jean-Pierre Bethouart, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Sylvie Fischer, Celine Barel, Louise Turner and Frank Voelkl.

Bold Instinct is the latest addition to the David Beckham Fragrance range and marks a new era – 15 years after introducing his signature scent Instinct, followed by Homme, The Essence, Beyond and Classic. Some, 19 fragrances in 15 years and 2020 marks his twentieth mens scent launch.

Bold Instinct launches with an inspiring message of choice — encouraging men to always stay true to themselves and make the choices that are right for them, regardless of what others might think. “When I’ve made a choice,” says David Beckham, “I’ve always believed in it. Because the right choice is the one that is right by you.”

For Bold Instinct, David Beckham again partnered with renowned perfumer Jean-Christophe Herault to craft a new scent conveying self-assurance and conviction. Bold Instinct is as powerful as it is elegant, bringing together a charismatic and stylish blend of earthy, whisky-like notes with warming spices.

Clean and confident, Bold Instinct is a reflection of the man who knows what he wants and lives what he believes.

The Bold Instinct launch is inspired by Beckham’s values and the purpose of his fragrance brand – a commitment to following your intuition and making bold decisions that are ‘right by you’. David Beckham said “Throughout my life and my career, I’ve just tried to make decisions that were right for me. To be honest, not everyone backed my choices, but that’s not what matters. What’s important is that I backed myself every step of the way.”


Men’s style has evolved through the decades, but the suit remains a marker of sophistication, stature and style. Luxury menswear brand, Aristocracy London, specialises in offering a bespoke experience and luxury suits without the tailor-made price tag. The brand has published a roundup of the ultimate suit-wearing style icons. Featuring stars of stage, screen, sport and even literature – the list showcases the most stylish suit wearers and includes advice from the experts at Aristocracy London on how to recreate the iconic looks.

Bond, James Bond

Arguably the most iconic suit wearer of all time, Bond’s style has changed over the years and throughout his ma reincarnations. Whether you’re a Connery or Craig fan – it’s hard to deny, Bond has style. From the original dinner suits to the slightly more relaxed, rugged style introduced by later Bonds, the sleek, iconic silhouette of James Bond has been interpreted and copied the world over.

Jay Gatsby

Although a firm cult literary character for decades, it was arguably the recent Baz Lehrman remake of F Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’, that propelled Leonardo Di Caprio’s Jay Gatsby into style icon status. Twenties-inspired fashion rose in popularity shortly after the release of Lehrman’s remake, propelling Jay Gatsby and his glamourous wardrobe into style stardom.

 Mr Darcy

Perhaps not the first name to come to mind, but Mr Darcy is arguably an icon in his own right. Rocketed to icon-status thanks to Colin Firth’s portrayal of the character, Mr Darcy and his original dandy-inspired suits can be seen in the wardrobes of royalty and high society. This decorated formal wear is perfect for bold fashion lovers as the luxe fabrics, rich  colours and cuts will draw attention.


Don Draper

He may be a fictional character, but Don Draper brings the swinging sixties to life with his endless supply of slimline American-style suits. A menswear icon, Draper has inspired countless fashion collections since the launch of Mad Men. Popular with gents wanting a vintage but polished suit vibe, the tailored suit is a staple.


David Beckham

 Gone are the days of the sarong or leather tuxedos, nowadays we’re more likely to see Beckham walking a red carpet or on the FROW of a catwalk then on the football pitch. Probably the biggest transformation on our list, David Beckham’s stylist deserves a medal. The sports icon is partial to a velvet dinner suit and was even spotted in a morning suit during his visits to Royal weddings. Perhaps more of a staple is the three-piece suit. Seemingly a go to for most occasions the star attends – greys and navy blues only add to his slick style credentials.

Could the I-watch finally be stylish ?

Now I have to be honest, I’m sure like your good selves, I have a penchant for Apple products. This first started probably some 20 years ago on a trip to LA when the entire crew from the photo shoot, took themselves off for an excursion to treat themselves to something called an, “iPod”.

What, so all your music can we stored in this neat, beautifully designed piece of trickery ? I was hooked. This is probably a story that resonates with many of you. Currently, WFH (working from home) my office, our bedroom, does look like a mini Apple showroom, OK albeit a fair bit messier. But, nonetheless this with the beginning of many a man’s love affair with all thing Apple. Well that was until one fatefully in April 2015, when I was watching the brands conference with baited breath to see if all the rumours were true and they were going to launch another revolutionary product that would change our lives and yet another gadget we just couldn’t be without…..

Errr no, the I-watch was the product in question. For the first time Apple had failed me, until now. Following the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE, lifestyle brand CASETiFY updates its best-selling collections with custom straps and accessories for the new devices. Available now, customers can personalize and purchase the latest style Apple Watch bands, shipping worldwide from www.casetify.com

Known for quality and customization in the tech accessory space, CASETiFY looks at every detail, creating Apple Watch bands just as stylish and resilient as the people wearing them. Customer favorites include the Printed Saffiano Leather collection, a sweat-resistant and scratch-resistant band, crafted in cruelty-free vegan leather and engineered for ultimate protection against the elements. Now compatible with the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, shoppers can browse thousands of prints, add monograms, and complement devices with polished stainless steel buckles and metal adaptors. Built for all-day comfortable wear, the best-selling collection retails for £40

“We know how important everyday tech is to our community, so that’s why we only offer the best quality and style for our Apple Watch bands,” said CASETiFY CEO and Co-founder, Wes Ng. “As leaders and innovators in our industry, customers can count on us for the latest accessories that inspire creativity and self-expression.”

Elevating wearable tech with luxury finishes, CASETiFY offers its latest releases for the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. Two collections crafted in European leather, customers can dress their new Apple Watches in essential colorways, with options to personalize and monogram the Genuine Leather Watch Band collection. For a custom, interchangeable band, look no further than the 2-in-1 Italian Leather Watch Band, featuring the world’s first universal adaptor, with three colorways in single and double tour straps. Genuine leather bands start at £50, available to shop today.

So Good why hadn’t someone thought of it sooner ? Lego X Levi’s

Who doesn’t love LEGO bricks? And who doesn’t have a fond LEGO memory from their childhood (or even adulthood)? Ahhhhh mine is often nearly breaking my neck, in the middle of the night checking on my children and standing on a piece of Lego and having to stifle an agonising scream, ahhhh memories. Whether you build from instructions, or dream up something from your imagination, LEGO building is the ultimate platform for creative experimentation and development.

And of course, no one loves creativity and playfulness—as well as infinite customizability—more than the forefather of denim, Levi’s. This is exactly why the two iconic brands have teamed up for a special Levi’s X LEGO Group collection.

“This is such a fun collaboration celebrating self-expression, creativity and nostalgia,” says Karyn Hillman, Chief Product Officer for Levi Strauss & Co. “It’s Levi’s and the LEGO Group coming together to co-create something really special and new, but undeniably familiar. With the customizable baseplates, Levi’s is now literally a new blank canvas for LEGO play.”

Exclusive to the collection, the collaboration features the first- ever flexible LEGO baseplate. It’s a pliable LEGO silicone panel onto which fans can create their own customized designs using LEGO DOTS, a new concept that was introduced by the LEGO Group earlier this year. Sewn directly on the garment, anyone can create their own design using the mosaic-like tiles that “snap” onto the baseplates.

The baseplate will be available as a customizable patch on a vintage stonewash Levi’s Trucker Jacket, a Dad Crop Trucker Jacket, 501 ’93 Straight Jeans, and a lineup of hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, and accessories.

Customization pieces from the collection will come with a Levi’s and LEGO Group branded bag of 110 LEGO DOTS, so that fans have a playful canvas for self- expression with endless options. Graphic tees are also included in the collection and while they won’t carry the customizable baseplates, they feature unique co-branded graphics that will excite fans of both brands.

LEGO elements also appear in product details across the collection including primary colored shank buttons in yellow, red, green, blue, white and black. The Levi’s standard leather patch has also been converted to a flexible red LEGO patch.

“There’s so much passion and energy in this partnership, working with the creative and iconic Levi’s brand is inspiring, and is pushing the way we innovate the LEGO brand experience,” says Lena Dixen, Senior Vice President and Head of Product and Marketing Development at LEGO Group.

It’s the deep emotional connection you have to your favorite pair of Levi’s jeans, combined with the love and fondness you have for LEGO play, offering one mind-blowing collection of nostalgia, playfulness and creativity.

Supremely taking the **** or Masters at work ?

There can’t be many fashion brands on the planet as Desirable, Aspirational or in demand as Supreme, at the moment. Already, I’ve committed a moral sin against the brand by describing them as a fashion brand, but surely to describing it as a street wear brand is also serving it an equal disservice ?

When James Jebbia launched this skate apparel brand back in New York in 1994, he, surely, couldn’t have anticipated the heights, hype, and clamber his baby would create some twenty odd years later? Equally, he can’t have foreseen he would work with hyper brands including Nike, The North Face, Levi Comme des Garçon etc.

BUT, and I’m really asking for it now, have they over stepped the mark? Have they sold out? Are the taking the piss ? I ask these statements as questions, because I too am genuinely not sure. When, one of the oldest Fashion Houses in the world, Louis Vuitton announced their collaboration with the Streetwear, Skatewear, Fashion Brand, ohhhh whatever, on a collection of dually branded clothes, accessories, shoes etc all of which debuted as part of their Fall-Winter 2017 show in Paris. People, literally wet themselves with excitement, the Fashion and style web went into meltdown and, the then, Creative Director of the Fashion House, Mr Kim Jones, was hailed a genius and a visionary. Pop up stores followed in the style capitals around the global and epic queues ensued !

Earlier this month, we saw the launch of the brands latest collaboration and somewhat of a departure and a first for Supreme when they worked with the hottest, current make-up artist legend and creative design director of Procter and Gamble beauty, Ms Pat McGrath. Producing a lipstick in the hottest of MatteTrance Supreme Reds ! And yes you guested, it’s literally selling like the old proverbial hotcakes.

Now returning to the questions I asked prior, essentially is Supreme Masters at Creativity or the Emperor’s new clothes?

I mean a simple black fold up chair, £108 ?!?!(see the actual chair above)

Supreme Hanes Crew Socks, this is a wardrobe essential, no mistake. Clean, simple yet effective design, perfect for round the house, perfect for sports activities, perfect for all attires! Can’t go wrong with this pair, but £54 !(see above)  

We can’t forget the Pat McGrath Labs lipstick is £123 or vintage piece of the collaboration collection with Louis Vuitton and be seen for sale online like this piece for a snip at £12,600.00, that’s used.

Fundamentally, it is your choice and as I stated earlier, I’m am not sure, as I tool have been enticed, excited and enthralled, but these usual partnerships and their undoubted collectibility.