Scott Clinton Reeves, or as he is more familiarly known, Scott Eastwood, isn’t an actor who could be accused of nepotism. He started his career in 2006, using his Mother’s surname of Reeves, debuting in the War epic, Flags of Our Fathers, with Ryan Phillippee, Jamie Bell and good friend the late Paul Walker. This film was directed by his Father, legendary, Clint Eastwood, but Scott is quick to point out, “I’ve auditioned for pretty much every one of my father’s movies”, he briefly appeared in his father’s 2008 film Gran Torino, and played Rugby star Joel Stransky in Invictus. It wasn’t until a few years later, after reportedly recognised the power of the Eastwood surname, that he started to use it formally.

The bright lights of tinseltown haven’t always been predestined for Eastwood as he considered becoming a firefighter if acting didn’t work out. Plus worked as a bartender, construction worker and car park valet before his acting career took off.
2016 certainly looks like being the break through year for leading man Eastwood, later in the year he stars in the Oliver Stone directed Biopic, Snowden, opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley, about Whistle blower Edward Snowden in this politically charged thriller. In a summer cram packed with Blockbusters, he plays a character shrouded in secrecy, in the long awaited DC Comics anti-Superhero movie Suicide Squad, released next month(see below). Plus 2017, sees him join Vin Diesel, Dwanye The Rock Johnson, Charlize Theron and Jason Statham in, Fast 8, the latest in the juggernaut movie franchise Fast and Furious.
But being a super mega movie star is only a small part of what makes up Scott Eastwood, yes he does come from some what of an acting Dynasty, but there is a lot more to Mr Eastwood. He has recently been the face of Fashion House, Hugo Boss, in their Ad Campaigns. But also as part of his relationship as being the face of Davidoff Cool Water, he’s been able to draw attention to a cause very close to his heart, the environment and working with the Ocean Beach Pier Cleanup in San Diego, in association with Davidoff Cool Water and National Geographic. He said at the time, “The ocean is somewhere where I can just forget about any of the bullshit going on in my life.”


Eastwood with fellow Suicide Squad cast members Will Smith and an unrecognisable Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Eastwood with fellow Suicide Squad cast members Will Smith and an unrecognisable Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

If you could have invented anything what would it be ?
The iphone that or the cure for Cancer.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing ?
Jeans. Always jeans and love my t-shirts too. Always the classics.

imageIf you could only wear one brand for the rest of your life who would it be ?
Hugo Boss. They know how to cut a suit

Who is your style icon ?
Need you ask? My dad of course. Always gets it right.



Like Father like Son

What piece of style advise do you live by ?
Be comfortable, be clean and enjoy

What’s your Favourite movie ever ?
Not fair… Too many too many to mention

imageWhat music are you listening to at the moment ?
Loving the Rolling Stones, revisited Bowie just recently, Calvin Harris, the list goes on

Best present you’ve ever received ?
Probably my dog

Who’s the most famous person’s number in your phone ?

imageWhat are you most excited about at the moment ?
Life in general is exciting. My movies, the new Persol campaign…. I am blessed

Best piece of advise you’ve ever been given ?
Still true, enjoy and have fun



It has been nearly three decades since Nike premiered the Air Max 1 which debuted visible Air, at the time, a new radical technology that transformed footwear design and spurred a franchise so powerful an annual celebration was dedicated in its honour.

Today, the iconic silhouette marks yet another milestone. This time it’s paired, once again, with revolutionary, transformative Nike magic, sorry, technology, Flyknit, to form the Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit, the lightest Air Max 1 ever. The shoe features open Flyknit construction in the toe and tongue for ventilation and closed construction in the heel provides added support. A no-sew band just above the midsole connects back to the original Air Max 1. The lightweight, flexible ultra tooling maximising on comfort.

imagePerfected through countless prototypes, spearheaded by the project’s lead designer Ben Yun. Yun says of the project;
My original idea was to take the original tooling of the Air Max 1 silhouette and play with it to make it flexible, lightweight, free of unnecessary material. Basically that meant removing all the rubber and exposing the air bags. We took this a step further in weight reduction and flexibility by using the Ultra tooling. Flyknit is complex and a fine material that we have to knit it tighter and looser in different areas so that it conforms to the shape and replicates the Air Max 1 silhouette. That lightweight and breathable quality of Flyknit makes the Air Max 1 the perfect shoe to come out in the summertime.”

The Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit will be featured on NIKEiD and are available from July 28.image


You know the scenario, we’ve all experienced it, your having a day, week, month from hell in work, you look out of the window, it’s grey, probably pouring down and you think to yourself, “Why am I doing this ? I could be lying on a sun kissed beach far away from all this”

Well the very same happened to two pals from London, one heavily involved in import and export for many high street brands, the other from a Fashion buying background, who were looking for an escape from the predictable working life. They decided to jet off to Rio to get away from it. On their arrival things quickly got messy-drinking Caipirinhas by the gallon, dancing on the tables, shots of Cachaça with the locals followed until the bar ran dry, we’ve all been their, actually, I wish I was their now.

imageThey soon discovered that, this year’s Olympic City, Rio, was a hotbed, literally, full of fun, colour, freedom and, other recreational past times, use your imagination. It was alive, from dawn til dusk, full of 24 hour party people. It was then in amongst the free spirited vibe they knew, Rio loved them & they loved Rio.

As the morning sun came rising up over the favelas, they strolled along Ipanema Beach and decided that it was time for a brand to exist that captured the fun and attitude of what they have just experienced.

imageThey would take the sites, sounds and flavours from Rio back to the UK to create a lifestyle brand reflective of their experiences and travels. Both guys loved Brazil for many reasons but they wanted to create a brand that had the happy, free-spirited vibe that brought the colourful life of Rio into clothing. Most importantly though they wanted to adopt the independent spirit of the people they had met who lived passionately, freely and confidently beyond the rules of society and Independent leaders was born.



Ermenegildo Zegna are one of the most renowned luxury menswear brands to hail from Italy, and have managed to achieve a most sort after status of being the embodiment of a fusion between tradition and luxury. Founded in 1910 in Trivero, near the Italian Alps, a young Zegna dreamt of creating an ethically renowned textile company using only the finest of materials. Today the company is still run by the fourth generation of Zegnas, with the brand being available in over 100 counties globally and was pioneeringly the first luxury brand to have the vision to venture into the Chinese market back in 1991.

As the latest installment of the Essenze Collection, they have created three handcrafted, signature scents inspired by amber, incense and musk striking the perfect balance of sensuality, strength and masculinity. All three fragrances are distinctively paired with exclusively grown Zegna Italian Bergamot from Calabria, Italy – the common thread that unites all of the scents of the Essenze Collection. But each fragrance uses a complex and sophisticated composition of ingredients to return to the art of rich, deep, and long-lasting scents, which supplies the essence of the gold collection.

imageAmber Gold is the first addition that highlights stunning variations of the universally timeless Bulgarian Rose, in a richer and darker interpretation, with a perfect sensual union of undulating Amber. Exceptional notes come together through a special artisan extraction. With mid notes of Lavender Seillan Essence, the dry down is balanced with a duet of precious Ambranum and Benzoin Siam woven with Sandalwood, Patchouli and Vetiver for texture.

imageIncense Gold is the second addition that expands upon the intoxicating incense note with a multifaceted freshness of an aromatic complex of citrus notes, creating personality that envelops your presence. Perfect for layering, Italian Cypress and Italian Lemon blaze forth as top notes, while White Flowers, Jasmine Sambac Absolute and Lotus Flower enrapture as mid notes. The smoky Incense signature note weaves its way through rich Leather and Saffron, enhanced by the richness of Cypriol and Sandalwood to create an utterly captivating dry down.

imageMusk Gold is the third ultra-sophisticated addition inspired by the sensuality and mystery of Musk. It opens with vibrant accents of Black Pepper and Coriander, heightened by wild brushstrokes of Saffron. The heart is a modern fusion of textured Moroccan Cedarwood, warm Carrot Seed Heart LMR and magnetic Myrrh, reinforcing the fragrance’s deep and mysterious aura. Underneath, the hypnotic and sensual power of Musk is unveiled as it cascades over a powerful finish of dark Patchouli, rugged Leather and opulent Oud.


It’s fair to say the Italian Leisure wear brand, Parajumpers, isn’t for the faint hearted. Even the inspiration for Massimo Rossetti’s brand is extreme to say the least. It’s inspired by the men of the 210th Rescue Squadron, a crack team of highly experienced individuals who are trained for extreme rescues and recoveries in the wildest, most remote and hostile corners of the World. Whether it be rock-climbers stuck atop a treacherous mountain peak, ships adrift at sea, or submariners sunk at unimaginable depths, these men are called to intervene.

imageIts latest venture is a little tamer, in the shape of a sunglasses range. Launched at the prestigious PITTI UOMO exhibition, where the great and the good of the Fashion industry preview their latest ranges. The sunglasses, all made in Italy, to the highest specifications are five contemporary “free spirited” designs. As with everything the brand produces they hold an appreciation for classical and timeless design values, not trends and fads, these are investment pieces that will see you through years of Summers, if looked after.

imageThe titles of each of the designs is, of course, suitably iconic and adventurous SPITFIRE, LIBERATOR, AVENGER, WILDCUT and THUNDERBOLT, well you could hardly expect Foxglove or 2716/383, from a brand like Parajumpers. Plus they are constructed of a high quality metal and acetate combined frames with at least polarised base 2 lenses with anti-reflection.



I don’t think it arrogant or big headed to claim that Britain has the best High Street Retailers on the face of this planet, I hope It doesn’t sound flippant or making light of the situation, as I know we’ve lost a couple of big names in the last few years, but overall we have an enviable High Street portfolio. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Judith Charmers, but I have travelled a fair bit and if I had to select a runner up to our crown, no it wouldn’t be the US, nor France or even the home of Designer retailing Italy. It would be none other than Espana, home to Zara, Mango, Bershka, Massimo Dutti and Camper.

imageThe latest Spanish export to set its sights on enticing us with their Mediterranean wares is Scalpers. The brand was founded in 2007 by a group of friends in Seville and was inspired by a tribe of Native American Indians who cut off scalps in order to reclaim their freedom, nice, I wonder if Ted Baker, has a similar story behind their heritage ? This is also how the logo transpired; the signature skull and bones that is so widely recognised within the brand.

The stylish brand has built a reputation since its founding for supplying timeless durability and contemporary design, conceived with the idea of liberating men from a traditional and homogenous sense of style. Scalpers presents a refreshing take on the modern gentleman and his wardrobe essentials. Offering a wide range of accessible menswear suitable for work and play including jackets and trousers, casual and smart shirts and everyday T-shirts. Footwear and accessories include sunglasses, trainers, cufflinks and ties.

imageWith Scalpers’ spirit of rebellion at the core, the label’s added quirks allowing it to stand out from the crowd. Together with this, Scalpers also prides itself on its design and details, working with Master Tailor, Borja Martin, who is recognised as one of the best in Spain for his expertise, on their formalwear offering.


imageThe New all purpose Gillette Styler is essentially a 3-in-1 precision grooming tool for men who style their facial hair, thank you very much and goodbye. Ohhh OK so it Combines Braun engineering and Gillette Fusion technology, it trims evenly, shaves closely and edges accurately – allowing men the ability to craft any look without having to compromise and own their look with added confidence.

In all honesty there is a lot more to this gadget, the Styler is waterproof and shower safe, letting you trim while you shower. The All Purpose Styler lets you easily master any style with one precision tool using any Gillette Fusion cartridge. But that’s not where it stops, the styler has a Blade Stabilizer, to maintain optimal blade spacing for comfort, while allowing the blades to adjust to the contours of a man’s face. It carries a Lubrastrip infused with mineral oil and lubricating polymers, enabling the razor to move smoothly over skin even on repeat strokes.

It packs a real punch when it comes to trimming with 4 Levels of Trimming, with three exchangeable combs (2mm, 4mm, 6mm) for consistent length and contour adaptability. Plus, a Precision Trimmer, designed to create crisp, defined lines and finishing touches. The Stylish Base and Holder, conveniently stores all three Braun combs, the Fusion ProGlide attachment and the Braun trimmer – neatly and securely and the Battery-Powered Design for easy use anytime and anywhere with no cords or charging time, is ideal for throwing into your washbag in time for your holibobs.


Now if that has whet your appetite, how would you like to win your very own Gillette 3 in 1 precision grooming styler courtesy of yours truly at Clothes-Make-the-Man and those wonderful people over at Gillette. All you have to do is follow us over on Instagram. YES IT’S THAT SIMPLE !

Please note the competition runs from 6am on Tuesday 19th July until Midnight (BST) on Friday 19th August and is only open to residents of the mainland UK, Sorry.