As the Spring, moves into the Summer months and are slowing starting to show signs of life, the SS collections the high street are also appearing. It’s easy to spot the new trends to start wearing but what about the return trends? There’s nothing wrong with saving some money and dusting off some of the old jackets and jeans, trends aren’t just about how much you spend, here’s a look at returning trends that you can dig out of the wardrobe.

Jogger Shorts
One the comfiest garments on the planet, jogger styled shorts are coming back for the relaxed streetwear style. Luxury streetwear brands like Societe Noir offer simply designed shorts with a premium finish, the grey marl, black and navy colours are all popular colours this season and it’s usually something that most people have waiting at home. The style is mainly seen with high fashion brands though, getting the look ideal look may mean getting for branded shorts that show the intention bnd your choice.

Well-Fitted Jeans
The current era of jeans has mainly been skinning, carrot and spray on jeans these all show a more edgy approach to trousers, but as more people are wearing them, it has become the norm. Fitted Jeans are a current trend that still offers the wearer a tailored finish, without looking too tight. Fitted jeans are best for a smart casual style, everyday use and the style is currently seen in darker colours rather than the light stones washes…. But that could change.

Simple and effective, both horizontal and vertical stripes are a big trend this season but both have different styles behind them. Vertical stripes are known to offer the wearer a slimmer look, a clothing illusion, vertical stripes are being used in a smart sense this season, darker evening wear with light stripes to finish off the look. Horizontal stripes aren’t as flattering (warning) but it’s a trend that is best used for casual wear, retro-styled tops with multiple colours used for the stripes give off a relaxed style that should be worn with a casual fitted top.

Pendant Necklaces
Jewellery trends don’t tend to be set in stone like clothing, possibly because jewellery is a bigger investment. Pendant necklaces are a top trend this summer and vintage pendants add extra depth to the look, if you can get your hands on one. Extra-long necklaces matched up with a pendant works well if you’re a fan of wearing plain tops in the summer, the trend is mainly seen in silver which works perfectly with both white and black tops.

Denim Jackets
Light, oversized and showing signs of wear, you all have one hiding somewhere. A light stonewash jacket in an oversized fit it a great option for the summer, denim is always the best idea if you’re unsure of the weather, not too hot nor too cold. Rolling up the sleeves and matching it up with some slim jeans and longline top highlights the jacket and doesn’t demand too much to make the look work.

Some easy wins which you’ll likely have hiding somewhere, it might not be all of them but it’s a good starting off point. Naturally, you can always mix and match what you make work in the summer, it’s hot, the rules are made to be broken!

 Gentlemen, you need to start thinking of your excuses and in turn your apologies and how you are going to make up to your better halves following the Summer of Football that is 2018. Yes this weekend marks the FA Cup Final, but essentially this just marks the beginning of the footy fun as come June 14th see the kick off of World Cup 2018 in Russia. But Fashion and Football don’t mix, nonsense ! And just to prove the point we worked with the sterling terracesmenswear.co.uk just to prove the point. 

We all know there is currently a renaissance in the art form of barbering, no longer do men have to feel uncomfortable going into some salon, with some ridiculous name like, Cut up and Dye or Hair by Marcel, only to be greeted by some Barry Gibb lookalike from Barnsley. So where and when did this resurgence occur, Istanbul, Firenze, Athens? No, not quite, try Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, just over ten years ago, this is where Murdock London opened their first contemporary, luxury take on the traditional barbershop experience.

Murdock London take pride in the knowledge that they offer tailored grooming services, inspired by British traditions, perfectly suited to the modern urban man, who know it’s the place for men to step off the hamster wheel of city living, kick back with a drink, and leave looking and feeling ready to conquer their day, night or weekend.

However, with the complete grooming experience offered by the brand, of course the treatment doesn’t end once you’ve left one of their contemporary establishments. Their barbers have created a range of quality, British grooming products to take the Murdock barbershop experience home, a carefully curated edit that has all the products a modern urban gentleman needs and nothing he doesn’t. Created by Barbers, designed for men, made in GB.

Their new range is formulated without ingredients that gamble on a man’s wellbeing…
The world can be a daring and treacherous place already ! Over the last few years the world of cosmetics has been undergoing a not-so-quiet transition. Words like “Parabens”, “Sulphates”, or “Phthalates” have been thrown in like sweet smelling hand grenades; making noise big enough for consumers to start questioning what goes into their toiletry products and for companies to sit up and take notice. Take parabens as an example. While some studies have linked these preservatives to cancer or described them as endocrine disruptors, their advocates continue to discredit the findings and are still common place in many mass market grooming products. With Murdock London they have taken a ‘better safe than sorry approach’ so all their new product range doesn’t contain any unpleasant or unnecessary ingredients that are bad for a man’s hair or body. As Carl Taylor, Senior Barber at Murdock Covent Garden puts it. “OUR CLIENTS BECOME OUR FRIENDS. WE WOULDN’T WANT OUR FRIENDS TO USE PRODUCTS WITH NASTY INGREDIENTS IN THEM – WE DON’T WANT OUR CLIENTS TO EITHER.”

So for example, they feel so passionately about this cause, the brand have came up with a Beard Shampoo that’s pH-balanced, sulphate-free and packed with natural oils and Wheat Protein to condition facial hair while looking after the skin underneath. So your beard will look healthier and feel more comfortable using our clean formula and all their other great products that have been created and use every day across their barbershops can now, you too can use them ‘safely’ at home.

Ahhhhh the smell of barbecuing, suncream, cut grass and of course the accompanying hay fever, well all but the last are those distinct aromas of the long Summer months. However, these unique fragrances are not the only ones to conjure up warm, hazy, Summery memories and we have sort the advice of all our favourite perfume houses to see what delights they have to tempt us with over the coming Summer season.

First up we have the latest fragrance from Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo, share the unmistakable spirit of the Mediterranean. Igniting your senses in nature, which creates the special allure of this magical Italian region. Quite simply: fragrances that lighten your life as they fill the air with Italian wonder.

Chinotto di Liguria is the breath of Ligurian nature, which grows luxuriantly on rocks that tumble steeply down into the sea. The top notes of the fragrance are like a breeze: a charge of pure energy enhanced by the bittersweet notes of the chinotto fruit and the sparkling crispness of mandarin. At its heart, jasmine and geranium bloom with the dynamic and refreshing notes of cardamom and rosemary. It is rounded off with the peace and tranquillity afforded by the base notes of musk and patchouli. A fragrance reminiscent of an early morning stroll along the rocky coastlines of western Liguria.

Now, Mr David Beckham, who introduces us to his Classic Touch, his New Limited Edition Fragrance For Men. What you wear says who you are; your style reflects your mood and personality. For David Beckham, that means twisting-up classic looks with a vibrant, modern touch. In 2013, David introduced his fragrance Classic, now, the international icon introduces a new, limited edition interpretation of his celebrated scent. Classic Touch is a masculine fragrance with an unexpected floral edge. It is a woody fruity fragrance with a surprising floral touch that creates a stunning, contemporary feel. Designed by the well-known ‘nose’ Nathalie Lorson, the scent balances confident masculinity with bold originality to create an unforgettable modern classic.

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA PARFUMS introduces Acqua Di Neroli for the Zegna man who is both modern and confidently stylish with a touch of indulgence. The original Acqua di Bergamotto was inspired by cool breezes and lush green fields. Acqua Di Neroli presents a new, fresh interpretation of this Zegna classic. With prismatic, fresh ingredients steeped in the heritage of the Mediterranean Coast, the blend is made with Ermenegildo Zegna’s own Italian Bergamot that is exclusively harvested in Calabria, Italy, to produce an exceptional quality scent befitting the Zegna man.

Michael Kors unveils its newest men’s fragrance, Michael Kors Extreme Speed, designed for the man who lives life with sleek style and explosive energy. Coriander and spices are layered with distinctive woods and classic patchouli for a modern, dynamic masculinity. This scent opens with invigorating cardamom, sleek cypress and an exhilarating dose of aromatic sage. Cinnamon anchors the heart of the fragrance while violet wood delivers a smooth, woody hook. From the back, a trio of cedarwoods collide for a lasting impression of refined masculinity. Together, they create facets of spice, wood and warmth. Patchouli lends enigmatic depth, together with the dark seduction of resinous tolu balm.

Every year since 1995 Issey Miyake celebrates Summer by inviting artists to reinvent his pioneering fragrances. In 2018 the designer weaves two of the major themes that drives his aesthetic,  typography and nature by showcasing the collaboration with two young French artists with very different approaches and sensibilities. Alberto Morillas eases L’eau d’Issey pour Homme into sunny summer nose with a dash of tropical fruit juice with Kiwi adds zest to the bracing top notes bracing grapefruit highlighted by aromatic coriander. The heart reveals fragrant pineapple sprinkled with sweet nutmeg the perfumer added depth and structure to the scent with a vibrant Woody accord of vetiver and cypress.

This new scent in, footwear genius, Jimmy Choo’s masculine fragrance franchise is a play on contrasts. The multi-facetted scent has an instinctive woody aromatic leathery scent in Jimmy Choo Man Blue. 

The woody aromatic leathery fragrance was designed for Jimmy Choo by Nathalie Lorson, master perfumer. On top, clary sage’s aromatic imprint strikes a balance between freshness and refined texture. The tonic transparency of bergamot brings a breath of fresh air and contrasts with the spicy warmth of black pepper. The intense texture of leather reveals itself in the heart of the fragrance, assuming an extreme masculinity enhanced by the urban elegance of grey amber and the vegetal woody facets of cypress. The creamy sensuality of sandalwood provides a distinctive and addictive drydown, supported by magnetic vanilla and sophisticated vetiver.

Last, but by no means least, as we know great things come from tiny details: the colourful stitching on the inside of a jacket, a delicate flower on a Hawaiian print shirt, or the drawing of a pin-up model hidden inside a wallet. Classic on the outside, playful on the inside.

The joy of discovering a hidden detail that only you know about. This is the essence of the world created by Paul Smith.

Paul Smith Hello You! is no exception. Never obvious, but always present, the fragrance discreetly plays with the British designer’s iconic codes, while keeping a contemporary edge.

For Hello You!, perfumers Fanny Bal and Dominique Ropion were inspired by Paul Smith’s celebrated use of colour. The fresh, sparkling citrus opening is followed by a very British aromatic lavender heart, blended with a fruity apple accord. The base notes underline the strong masculinity of patchouli and vetiver, magnified with the sensuality of ciste absolute. Paul Smith Hello You! plays with traditional British themes with a light and irreverent touch

For the last year or so the household McGrath have, literally, been driven mad by the sporadic arrival of cryptic postcards arrival from all over the World. Much to the amusement of our offspring and wondering if the brightly coloured stamps that have appeared on the cards. However, it has driven Mrs Mc & I to complete distraction trying to figure out which one of our crazy friends is currently travelling and forgetting to sign their names !?!?!

Well much to our surprise and relief when we found out it was part of an inventive guerrilla marketing campaign to launch LANX shoes. LANX was created by Marco Vaghetti, a straight talking Lancashire born lad and footwear enthusiast. The brand was developed whilst he was travelling around Asia for 6 months, where he visited 10 countries and countless shoe designers and manufacturers, learning how to make footwear and searching for creative inspiration. All with the notion of creating an English shoe company, with international influence, creating Proper Shoes.

A six-month adventure across Asia, working, learning and drinking with some of the best craftsmen in the world inspired their debut AW18 collection.

LANX design business-casual shoes. Reassuringly sturdy with a twist of elegance. Modern shoes in which to work hard, play hard and look good in for any occasion. Each collection has unique embossments, stylish broguing, the finest leather and British sourced textiles. Every shoe is stamped with the LANX (Lancashire)rose and the brands mascot, a ballsy British White bull.

LANX do not mass produce, they create limited release shoes, with as few as 30 pairs manufactured in some styles. Each style of shoe is designed and tested in Whalley England, to meticulously high standards

Founder & Creative Director Marco Vaghetti commented, “In 2016 I didn’t know how to make a shoe, so I am very grateful to the many people I have met over the last 2 years who have helped me reach this exciting stage.