Sun-drenched days are just around the corner, promise, so in preperation we spoke to Josh Kelsall of Scotts Menswear to give us not 6 but 7, yep one for every day of the week, 0f the best from their polo shirt collections, which are pitched as the perfect summer wear for men, covering the whole spectrum of individual tastes and styles. Here’s seven of the best, as chosen by them;

1. The Classic

Traditional yet sporty from Fred Perry – perfect for those looking to rock a cool and subtle urban attitude.

2. The Lover

Simple and understated from Lacoste– for the smooth charmers who know that true style never shouts.

3. The Posh One

Elegant and 100% British from Hackett – the one to wear if the occasion calls for some home-bred UK chic

4. The Style Guru

Eye-catching and bold from Fila – for those who don’t like to do fashion in half-measures

5. The Chiller

Relaxed and understated from Fred Perry – the perfect look for the calm, calculated shirt-fashionista.

6. The Exclusive

High-quality, classic with a modern twist from Pretty Green – when a statement absolutely, definitely needs to be made.

7. The Flash

Striking and unabashed from Boss Hugo Boss – for those who don’t hide away, but like to take summer by the horns.

The British fashion and lifestyle brand, Jack Wills has come along way from when it was first launched by Peter Williams in 1999, as a single shop in the seaside town of Salcombe, Jack Wills is known for heritage-inspired classics with a contemporary spin and is proud to fly the flag for Britain around the world, whether through a collaboration with a Yorkshire mill or the, now famous, Jack Wills Seasonnaires’ summer on the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Today it has since expanded to become an international brand with 80+ stores across the globe, including those in the UK, US, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle East, and currently shipping to 126 countries worldwide.

It was built upon the foundations of producing long-lasting, fit for purpose clothing and this season sees the launch of a Sporting Goods range for men is made up of a selection of athletic clothing including the Alderton training hoodie, long-sleeved Henworth top and Haydon gym vest, all made from high performance, technical fabric or gym-ready jersey, and designed in London by the Jack Wills design team to be as suited to 5-a-side as to spinning, strength work or sprints.

Peter Williams, Founder and CEO of Jack Wills, says of the new range: “We launched our first sports collection for women in January and the response has been fantastic. Doing the same for men was an obvious next step, and is ideally timed with the global growth of athleisurewear. Jack Wills is already expert in hoodies and sweats, so the collection brings together our knowledge with the talents of the London-based design team and our efficient, high-quality European partners in Portugal – who already produce products for thousands of Olympic athletes.”

We are continuously being told we need to hydrate more, no matter how relaxed or hectic your lifestyle is or even the time of year, skin is constantly exposed to environmental aggressors such as pollution and UV rays, which can accelerate dehydration and lead to premature signs of aging. So whether that’s drinking more water,or moisturising our skin, particularly over the Summer months we are told of the dangers of dehydration. So it’s no wonder those clever boffins over at Clinique HQ are offering us a surge of hydration to quench thirsty skin.

They have come up with Clinique for Men Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate, delivering a turbo-boost of cool supercharged hydration to inccrease skin’s moisture reservoir with an immediate 179% moisture boost that is retained for 24 hours at 65%. This NEWproduct attracts and binds moisture to the skin for optimal moisture retention and a stronger moisture barrier. The breakthrough weightless formula transforms from a gel to a liquid, releasing a cooling burst of oil-free hydration that’s instantly absorbed by your skin leaving zero tacky residue. Skin is left feeling soothed, comfortable, and fresh and in doing so helps to break the cycle of dryness and oxidative damage, releasing vital antioxidant protection.

Basically it works with a Double technology innovation combining: Liquid Sphere Technology –

Firstly, encapsulated spheres of Vitamin E and Vitamin C burst instantly on application, to release potent antioxidants that protect against oxidative damage and fend off free radicals. Then, Moisture Holding Matrix Polymer Technology – Which works by interlocking moisture-magnet polymers seal and lock in hydration, helping to boost skin’s moisture retention. See simple !

Vestiaire Collective may not necessarily be a website you are that familiar with, just yet, but trust that is all about to change and in part thanks to this genius collaboration. is a global marketplace for premium and luxury pre-owned items of clothing and accessories. The platform houses 600,000 carefully curated pieces that once sold ​are expertly checked for 100% quality and authenticity. Launched in Paris in October 2009, has over 6 million fashion savvy members across 50 countries worldwide with offices in Paris, London, New York, Milan and Berlin. 30,000 new items are submitted by their community of sellers every week, which enables buyers to hunt amongst over 3,200 coveted and must have fashion pieces a day.

For the first time Belstaff is partnering with Vestiaire Collective on the exclusive sale of ten of its iconic wax cotton Trialmaster jackets from the Archive. This collaboration had taken 30 months of careful sourcing, Belstaff first revealed a selection of its 93 year leather archive during February’s London Fashion Week at the New Bond Street Flagship. Now sees the first reveal of the wax cotton Archive, in celebration of the current ‘Fit for Purpose’ campaign championing Belstaff’s technological advances in weather proofing garments since 1924, protecting you to venture free in all kinds of weather.

The current exhibition on show includes a 1930s vulcanized rubber motorcycle coat, yellow oilskin ‘Speedway’ capes made for spectators at the races in the 1940s, cotton gabardine mountain parkas from the 1940s and 1970s and a shell mountain parka co-designer by mountaineer Chris Bonnington, who worked with Belstaff from 1976 to 1978 on the ‘Great British Weatherproofs’ line of clothing. Also it showcases some of the first generation Trialmasters from the 1960s and 1970s including unique colour versions and an emerald waxed cotton two-piece, worn by legendary motorcyclist Sammy Miller to a number of victories. The now iconic wax four pocket jacket design was trademarked by Belstaff in 1969, as the style was adopted by more of the biking community, becoming as much a part of the bike scene as the bikes themselves.

The 10 Trialmaster wax cotton jackets are now on sale on the site and will be available to view at the Belstaff New Bond Street flagship. The jackets range from the 60s to the 70s, a specifically sought after era. Each jacket has an oily hand waxed patina giving them their waterproofing properties. The slanted pocket from the original 50’s design was adapted in the 70s to a horizontal design for a more modern interpretation. The jackets have the Belstaff check lining, with some still displaying vintage badges from Goodyear or BSA pins from their original owners, while two of the jackets are in hard to find rare red wax, all with individual wear and weathered distinctions on the fabrics. All proceeds from the sales will go towards future purchases to help grow and sustain the Archive.

This week is British Sandwich Week so to celebrate this great British obsession we asked Head Chef Gary Durrant at top Hotel The Arch London to share his top tips on how to create the perfect sandwich.

Taking the same sandwiches for lunch each day can become dull. So if your cheese and pickle sandwiches are starting to go stale then these tips are guaranteed to help you improve your lunchtime routine.

Gary Durrant is the sandwich aficionado behind The Arch London’s signature Club Sandwich, as well as the sensational sandwiches on the Royal Afternoon Tea. These are both served with the Gary’s unique homemade crisps seasoned with salt, sage and peppercorn.

1) Add some flavour
You can make your sandwich really stand out with just one extra ingredient. Try adding fresh herbs, a sliced hard-boiled egg or make your own quick pickles – cucumber, vinegar, oil, brown sugar, salt and pepper.

2) Choose your bread wisely
The bread is the most important part of the whole sandwich. If you want to add very moist fillings then it is best to go for dry and dense bread or try flour tortillas. These will keep the ingredients fresh and moisture just right.

3) Add some moisture
For the right amount of moisture add your spread to both sides of the bread, this will also help lock in the flavour. Spread to every edge of the slice of bread to create a seal for the fillings. Use butter, mayo, mustard, cream cheese or experiment with pesto, jam, chutney or salsa.

4) Avoid a soggy sandwich
If you are adding lettuce to your sandwich, first dry it with kitchen roll to prevent the bread from getting soggy. Also place the lettuce at the top of the sandwich so that it remains crispy. Do not put wet ingredients directly on the bread, layer them with dry items. For a basic sandwich example, add your fillings in this order – lettuce, tomato, meat (or alterative filling) then cheese.

5) Time for seasoning
Salt, pepper and spices can change a whole sandwich, so experiment! Add a pinch of salt to your vegetables before adding them to the sandwich for that extra flavour. Adding too much dressing to the salad in your sandwich can also make it soggy so season it lightly.