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The Best Bags about right now by Peter Jones

It’s slowly getting to that point where the mornings are getting darker, the commute is getting longer, and your old bag is becoming less and less stylish. Of course a bag’s soulful purpose is to […]

Oct, 07 · in 6 of the best

Molto Bene – Fiorentini+Baker and Ducati

Well the flip flops are well and truly put away for another year, the desire for more sensible and, frankly, warmer footwear comes to mind and let’s face it you’re certainly not going to get […]

Oct, 06 · in NEWS

Ask the Experts – Top Autumn Buys

The weather mightn’t know what to do with itself at the moment, but one thing’s for sure, there’s certainly an Autumnal nip to the air and things are only going to get colder. Nevertheless, console […]

Oct, 02

Uniqlo & Lemaire – No more words are necessary

A high end Fashion designer coming together with a high Street Fashion retailer is hardly reinventing the wheel and is never going to break the cogs of the institution and bring down governments. But when […]

Oct, 01

Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean On the cover of a magazine- How To Dress Like James Dean by Keanu Adorable

Anton Corbijn’s James Dean biopic ‘Life‘ tells the story of Dean’s short lived but eventful time on the planet. A tragedy, but in the 24 years he walked on the big screen, he firmly set […]

Sep, 29

Men age differently hence why we need Menage

Menage is a British grooming skincare brand specifically formulated for men’s skin and the riggers it encounters with everyday life. Its products contain an unique ingredient called “Copper PCA”. The range contains 5 unique products, […]

Sep, 28

Dead Profit’s Society – Dead Profit

Dead Profit is a contemporary British urban menswear brand founded out of a pursuit to create relevant and high quality menswear with a conscience and a heart. The concept and vision, comes  from a pair […]

Sep, 25



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