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Rumours of a collaboration between French label Louis Vuitton and New York brand Supreme have been circling the internet for the past weeks which have sent various sects of social media into a frenzy, and now these rumours have been confirmed when models donned out pieces and accessories during at the LV Autumn/Winter 2017 show this Paris Fashion Week.

Under the creative direction of British Designer Kim Jones – who took the helm of Louis Vuitton’s men’s division in 2011 – and with the cooperation of New York-based cult skatewear brand, Supreme and founder James Jebbia, Louis Vuitton presented a lineup of Autumnal looks that incorporated Supreme’s bold red and white box logo branding. “You can’t have the conversation of New York men’s wear without Supreme right now, because it’s such a massive global phenomenon,” said Jones in a pre-show interview with WWD.

The two labels have had an interesting history with Louis Vuitton filing a lawsuit against Supreme in 2000 after they created a mock skate deck wrapped in LV’s traditional insignia. Seventeen years later, how times have changed, and given the history of these brands and the cultural relevance of both of their logos, this could be noted as the most hyped-upt collaboration of the century so far. In fact, Jones has some personal history with the brand. “I used to work when I was at college unpacking boxes of Supreme at a company in London that distributed it when it was just starting out, so it’s something I’ve known all along in my life.” 

A homage to New York’s history as a thriving hotspot of creativity, the collection is smart-but-cool vibes, with loose cuts, relaxed garments and luxe fabrics. Look past the barrage of box logos and you’ll find easy-fit tailoring, some nods to workwear and some really sick silk pieces decorated with Art Deco motifs.

Unlike prior Supreme collaborations, this one will not be available at Supreme’s brick-and-mortar stores or online. The collection will be sold exclusively through Louis Vuitton stores later this year. Jones said the line designed with Supreme would go on sale at select Vuitton stores on July 17, but would probably also as pop-up stores are likely to be opened “in areas where both of them are popular,” according to Jones. Check out highlights from the Paris show below & start saving for July.

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Words by Charlie Britton

Matches Activewear

Keeping fit is something we all focus on increasingly more to say the least on the turn of the new year. The attitude of almost every man alike shifts towards a healthier lifestyle and focus on improving body image and well-being. Getting fit is also part of an emotional journey. We focus on the minds attitude towards foods, our conscious external image and our ability to be able to run up an underground escalator without the feeling of grim reaper passing by upon reaching the summit.

One things for sure, running around the block in a pair of oil stained tracksuit bottoms and beat up sketchers is not the ideal workout look. We need clothes that make us feel positive and encouraged about getting fit, and the brands we know and love haven’t failed to deliver. Here are the latest and coolest sports and active wear collections you can get right now, come on what are you waiting for ?  –

Burton Sports RangeBurton Menswear  have released a sports range designed for moving. Whether you’re hitting the gym for some high intensity training or popping out for a light jog (not that I think jogging is light work), the Burton sports range has got you covered. The monochrome colours from the range go well with everything, so if you’ve already got some kit, this collection is sure to match. The range uses quick dry technology and smart fabrics to regulate the bodies temperature and ensure for a comfortable work-out, while the reflective strips and stretchy fabrics permit for a smart and comfortable active session. The range is available now so if you’re in the mood for a jog, ‘jog on’ and check out their collection.

RI activewear
Another high-street retailer to have recently launched an activewear range are River Island. Their 14 piece sports collection also features monochrome black and grey colours, incorporating blue and yellow details that run throughout the range. River Island have also incorporated smart fabrics throughout the range, making use of mesh linings, showerproof fabrics and breathable microfiber materials to ensure your body stays at its best temperature and comfort throughout your training sessions. Like Burton, River Island have also included features such as sealed zippers and headphone eyelets, allowing for the all important phone or music player to be carried securely while training. The RI collection is available in selected River Island stores now, so check it out.

M&S activewear
Marks and Spencer have also joined the list of high-street retailers to release a new active range. Their 19 piece collection runs almost parallel with River Island, making use of black and grey as their neutral base colours with hints of electric blue throughout. Once again, incorporating smart fabrics into their build, M&S has focused on three essential ingredients to great activewear; Moisture wicking fabrics to keep the wearer dry, stretch fabrics to ensure comfort and reflective trims for safety when training outdoors. This collection is definitely smart and simple, great for anyone who’s looking to dive into the gym to honour their new years resolution. You can find this collection online and in-store now, so what are you waiting for? As the saying goes, ‘On your bike’!

New Look Active Wear
One brand to hit the nail on the head with an activewear range is New Look. They have released a collection that is honestly one of the better ones, merging trends with active and leisure garments. Not only have they developed a collection packed full of the same smart fabrics as the other high-street retailers, but they have taken the design a step further with the colours and prints. Dark teals, reds and blacks are present throughout the collection, with camo and honeycomb prints bringing other garments to life. The camouflage kit is definitely the highlight from this collection, providing us with attitude packed activewear to take you through your fitness routine. This collection is already available online and in-store, so get yourself into gear and get moving gents!

Matches Activewear
Introduced in 2015, the Matches Activewear Studio offers an incredible luxury collection of activewear garments and accessories ideal for any sport occasion. In addition to extending and updating their current range offerings from Adidas by Kolor, Fendi Active and Soar, Matches Fashion are launching new Spring Summer 2017 activewear collections by AEANCE, Cafe du Cycliste and a new accessory range by Casall. Matches definitely have a comprehensive and thorough range of activewear pieces where you can discover some beautifully engineered and fashionably on trend garments that are guaranteed to boost your ‘fitness goals’ motivation. If you’re on the hunt for some exceptionally flattering fitness gear that’s guaranteed to turn heads and features the latest technical fabrics, Matches Activewear Studio might just be the perfect choice for you. Their updated and extended activewear ranges have only just been launched too, so check them out if you’re serious about picking up some serious kit.

mens gym clothes
So there you have it, our favourite activewear ranges who we feel are really pulling their weight (another amazing fitness pun) this season. There are quite a few more amazing activewear ranges from the likes of Ted Baker to BooHoo Man, so if you’re in the market for some new gear, you might find yourself stuck for choice, or that might just be an excuse, but who am I to judge? Whatever your choice, I’m sure it’ll help you get to that goal and smash that new year’s resolution you’re starting to wish you never made. On a final note, as good ol’ Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say, ‘If it jiggles, it’s fat’… Cheers Arnie, if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.

Yeah 2017 is barely upon us, Winter is threatening to descend on us any day now. Plus, the days seem shorter than seven well known pantomime characters and yes up and down our High Streets, well known retailers are stocked up to the rafters with T-Shirts, shorts and flip flops. It can only mean one thing, SPRING IS HERE!!! Well it is if you believe the countless brands and accompanying stores who stock them. So let’s cheer ourselves up by having a look at what some of our favourite brands on the high Street have on offer for us and what we can wear once the weather, finally, takes a turn for the better.



New Look



River Island


Forget your “Winter is Coming” malarkey, Winter is well and truly here and with vengeance. With below zero temperatures the winter weather conditions of wind, rain, freezing conditions coupled with central-heating can wreak havoc on male skin. Prevention is always best than cure so ensure your Winter skin care regime, yes that’s right Winter skin care regime and we aren’t just talking a bit of soap and water here, keeps you looking groomed not grizzly. Clothes Make the Man’s winter moisturiser feature picks the best out there for YOU.

First up we have the all rounder when it comes to Moisturising the All-in-one Face Tracement from Lab Series. Not only does it Moisturise, but soothing, repairs and mattifies, essential is does it all for the lazy man Grooming regime.

A classic in every sense of the word, not just the ever reliable Nivea, but Nivea for Men. This formula especially developed for men, is suitable for use on the face, body and hands, is non-greasy and absorbes really quickly, plus great for even the tightest of budgets.

A bestseller within the market over at John Lewis, more of a Balm than a cream this brilliant Super Moisture Balm from ClarinsMen offers immediate comfort. It has comfortable texture and will not leave your skin feeling oily.

If your starting to feel your age, Kiehl’s Since 1851’s ‘Age Defender’ moisturiser combats natural signs of ageing. Specifically formulated for men’s skin, it’s revitalising treatment gently exfoliates dead skin cells, which allows the formula to effectively penetrate skin’s surface layers and smooth out roughness. Containing a blend of Vitamins, Proteins and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, this daily face cream is designed to firm your complexion and soften fine lines with continued use.

OK, bit of a side ball you weren’t expecting, but nonetheless a cracker, the Hydrator from Scaramouche and Fandango, it does exactly what it says on the tin, well packaging anyway. It contains Chronodyn cell energiser which is is clinically proven to help firm and tone the skin to fight against the signs of fatigue.

The last but by no means least, is another classic and must have from Clinique for Men, this lightweight formula delivers all-day moisture as well as skin strengthening ingredients. It absorbs quickly and can be applied first thing in the morning right the way through to last thing at night.

imageA good quality multi-functional bag, is something no stylish man should be without, something that can take him from work to play and back again seamlessly is what we’re talking about. London brand A,M hopes and wants to answer these needs. It’s name derives from the Latin Ante, Meridiem: Before and after midday and aims at being a luxury brand that combines utilitarian design influences with modern streetwear to create colourful and timeless men’s luggage. A,M is a collaboration between English art director Matt Gill and Swedish designer Ann Nelvig.

imageThe inaugural collection is comprised of four, hopefully, soon to be iconic styles. The Hungerford is a trapezoid sports holdall, The Fernley is a backpack, The Shifford is a classic sports holdall and The Furze is a mini flight bag executed in full grain leather. Each style comes in five distinctive colourways.

imageTotally thought through in construction, no detail has been missed and completely minimal in design, all products are meticulously crafted in Italy with high quality Swedish and Italian components. Recurring signature details include a hidden zipped exterior webbing pocket for added security, sunken webbing loops, parallel zipper piping with contrasting black pullers and repeat A,M logo embossed details.image

The Private White V.C. brand is a true heritage range based on the on the everyday wardrobe of Private Jack White, not to be mistaken with the White Stripes guitarist. The VC part of the moniker is after the Victoria Cross which was awarded to Jack at the tender age of 20 for outstanding bravery under intense enemy fire during World War I. The clothing line has a subtle nod to Jack’s military legacy, with many items based on classic wartime pieces, updated with added functionality and detail for the modern man.

After returning from the killing fields of the Great War, he undertook an apprenticeship with a local outerwear factory, Cooper & Stollbrand, which is where to this very day his Great grandson, James Eden, produces the collection inspired by the clothing he wore in his daily life, items he customised to suit his everyday activities .

The backstory to this fascinating brand, was celebrated in the Channel 4 documentary, Made in England, which looked into the transition of the Copper & Stollbrand factory from a fossil of a bygone era to the journey James Eden and his business partner Nick Ashley, dragged the business into the 21st Century. Creative Director, Nick has a long and illustrious history in the fashion industry, having worked for Kenzo, Tod’s of Italy, and Dunhill Menswear, amongst others. The son of Laura Ashley, the renowned fashion and interiors designer, Nick was immersed in design and creativity from an early age, so it was little wonder that he should follow in his mother’s footsteps.

The collection is designed by Ashley who’s designs are influenced by Private Jack White’s wardrobe and classic military garments, as well as his passion for motorcycle and car racing. Nick’s ability to immerse himself in everything he does is testament to the passion that goes into his creations. His long-standing love of history and the military make Private White V.C. an ideal outlet to unleash his inspiration.

All clothing is expertly constructed by hand in the Private White V.C. Factory in Manchester, where garments are designed and developed using only the finest regionally sourced fabrics, trims and materials.

Materials are sourced locally where possible with the majority of cloth being supplied from the mills in the surrounding area. These too have a wealth of history behind them.

You can spend an hour with anyone from history – who would it be?

Bob Marley, everything’s gonna be alright

If you could keep one book – what would it be?

The colour wheel manual, harmony is everything

Private White VC Spring/Summer17

Which British subculture will have the greatest style legacy?

Punk, it was the last, before mobile phones killed subcultures

What are you most excited about at the moment?

The craft resurgence

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and by whom?

Always turn a disadvantage into a massive advantage: my dad

Favourite hotel in the world ?

Il Pellicano, Porto Ercole, Italy

If you could collaborate with one brand who would it be ?

A carmaker in Britain, we are all in the same industry

Do you have a Style Icon ?

Gary Cooper : working classy.

What piece of clothing should everyman have in his wardrobe ?

Every man should have a clean white shirt.

Private White VC Spring/Summer17

Tell us something no one else knows ?

Bob Marley’s father was a Welshman

If you could only wear one brand for the rest of your life who would it be ?

Private White V.C. of course, because it makes me feel good about myself

If you could have invented anything what would it be ?

The Helicopter

Preview of Private White V.C. Autumn/Winter2017

grüum (pronounced groom) is a new concept in male grooming hoping it will revolutionise how men shop for their bathroom essentials. Inspired by principles of Scandinavian design ideals of style, functionality and affordable quality, grüum was founded by four friends who were tired of the over- hyped and overpriced male grooming market and set out to challenge it. You’d expect by the nature and general appearance of the brand for the four friends behind it to hail from some super trendy Scandi city like Copenhagen or Stockholm, but no grüum is a young British business that creates simple, effective shave, beard and skincare products, out of none other than the coolest of British cities, Manchester.

grüum is a new concept in male grooming hoping it will revolutionise how men shop for their bathroom essentials. These four Mancunian comrades felt there was something missing and created grüum to deliver personalised quality, simplicity, form and function. It’s facecare, for men, without the fuss. The grüum concept, designed as a monthly subscription service, with added flexibility, focuses on making it easy for the modern man to keep himself looking good, with minimal effort and maximum results, just what we like. Value for money, great quality and ease of use is at the core of the brand – the team at grüum believe this is what the modern man, not only wants, but demands.

So how does it work ? Well, the simple and flexible online subscription service that grüum offers means it can deliver premium quality products for a fraction of their cost on the high street. With no commitments (you’re never tied in), you receive exactly what you need to look your best, delivered to your door. And you can change, pause or cancel your grüum subscription at any time, scaling up or down as your grooming needs change. With grüum kits starting from just £6 per month. It’s the smarter way to look good. Simple, user friendly, and fuss free. So you tell them whether your clean shaven or display a proud hipster beard by simply answering a few questions, they’ll get to know you, your style and your daily routine. Then they build your kit: suggesting a selection of daily grooming essentials to create your own personal grüum kit. They deliver your personal kit to your door, so you can sit back and relax. In no time at all your kit will be wing- ing its way to your home or work. No need to sign for delivery. Finally you can enjoy the benefits of your very own kit for 30 days. If you like what you see? They’ll send your kit each month and keep you looking great.

Now if that wasn’t enough grüum likes to keep things simple, products are only included in the range that that are low maintenance, fit for purpose and are clear of unneccessary (and unpronounceable) chemicals. Free from EDTA, parabens, sulphates, SLS, SLES, arti cial fragrances, artificial colours and made in the UK.