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Happy 130th Birthday Turnbull & Asser ! Hang out that impeccably dapper bunting

Wow 2015 marks Turnbull & Asser’s 130th anniversary as the world renowned authority in gentleman’s dressing and as leading shirt and tie makers.  The brand have been situated in Quedgeley, Gloucester, founded in 2003, will extend […]

May, 22 · in NEWS

Hair Loss Awareness month

May marks, Hair Loss Awareness Month and it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness around the issue of hair loss. This affects so many men, and women, that it’s important they know they are not […]

May, 21 · in Grooming

Textual Conversations – Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips is a busy man with a career which can only be described as on the up, not only currently starring in the latest adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s Classic ‘From from the Madding Crowd’ […]

May, 19

It’s a fond farewell to the Stylish Mad Men of Sterling Cooper

“When God closes a door he opens a dress.” – Roger Sterling. Yes after seven wonderfully stylish seasons we bid a bereft farewell and enter a solem period of mourning, of course looking chic in […]

May, 18

No such thing as bad weather just bad clothing – Parajumpers

Yep, that time of year is well and truly upon us, we leave for work to endure the early morning commute and its cold, possibly damp and definitely dull. So we wrap up putting on […]

May, 15

Get Knitted – 6 of the best knitted Polo shirts by Elliott Parsons & Keanu Adorable

You know we’re a little obsessed with the weather here at Clothes-Make-the-Man and with it being as unpredictable as it is right now – it may be time to invest in some pieces you can wear […]

May, 14

The scent of Adventure – Acqua di Parma’s new Fragrance Colonia Ambra

Acqua di Parma is one of those brands that just gets it right with everything they do. It’s almost like they are a benchmark for luxury. From their packaging, their products to their shopping experience, […]

May, 13



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