For today’s post we caught up with Andy Clark who works with e-OUTDOOR, the eCommerce website which sells outdoor clothing and equipment.

With winter coming on fast, you might be tempted to curl up by the fire and hibernate. Though, if you do that, you’ll be missing out. With snow-capped mountain-peaks, frozen lakes, and quiet hills covered with a thin layer of frost, winter is a great time to get out there and go hiking. It’s also a great way to up the right chemicals in your brain to make sure that this winter doesn’t make you depressed.

So, how can a fashion-conscious person make sure that they’re able to do all this stylishly and practically?

1. Focus On Colour
The material and design of a jacket will have many practical features which will protect you from rain, sleet, snow, wind, or cold. Depending on where, when, and how you tend to hike, you’ll need your jacket — and the rest of your outdoor gear — to be up to the task.

For serious hikers, jackets need to be bright so that you can be visible in case of an emergency. However, the choice between bright red and bright green is largely aesthetic. What’s more, beyond emergency situations, colour plays very little role in how your jacket will actually function. So, it’s an important thing to consider — but mostly from a stylistic standpoint.

In short, choosing one type of jacket over another because of the colour is not a smart move. But deliberating over the colour options for two identical North Face coats? That’s a perfectly smart move.
Once you’re able to start choosing colours, the normal rules apply. Mix pastels with pastels and bright colours with bright colours. Use a pair of complementary colours by picking two from opposite sides of the colour wheel, such as red with blue and yellow-green with mauve.

If you start with your cheapest item of clothing, you’ll stress about trying to match the colours with more expensive garments — and that could be costly. So, start with the most expensive piece of clothing, pick a colour you like, and go from there.
And, when in doubt, go for black or white.

2. Choose the Right Brand

Stylistically and practically, choosing the right brand is important. Osprey, for example, only make backpacks. There are no Osprey jackets, hats, gloves, trousers, coats, or shoes. As such, the company argues that it is able to sell the highest quality — and the most stylish — backpacks because it’s the only thing they make. It’s hard to argue with that logic, and many people are willing to vouch for their quality.

There are other great backpacks out there, but the moral of the story is that the best quality brands tend to be the most stylish and the most practical. In short, it’s worth paying extra for the items which matter.

This is once again why it’s imperative that you start with the most expensive item first. Don’t shell out top-dollar for the best gloves in the world if it means you can’t afford a decent jacket. Start with the big items, see what you can afford, and then progress that way.

3. Be Clever with Accessories
It should go without saying, but expensive jewellery is a terrible accompaniment for a hike. So, leave the chains, watches, earrings, and necklaces at home. That said, there are some great accessories you can add to a practical outfit for winter hiking. In fact, some accessories can make your outfit even more sensible.

Keyrings or ribbons are a great addition to backpacks if you do any travelling. With so many travellers out there going for the same brands, it’s not uncommon to find that you have the exact same backpack as someone else. To make sure you can differentiate between the two, add a small ribbon, badge, or pin to your backpack in order to let you know that it’s yours. This sort of accessorising is at once helpful and stylish.

Not all men are great at giving themselves the tlc they deserve. Below the Belt Grooming range mildly formulated skincare products freshen, refresh and protect – bringing out the best in you, without disguising your manliness, shall we say.

The trinity of brains behind this range have a highly worthy marketing and health & beauty pedigree. First up Jonathan Durden
co founded the award winning and much sort after media group PHD (Pattison Horswell Durden) and has advised a mixed bag of commodities ranging from ITV and Digital Cinema Media, to boxer Chris Eubank.

Secondly, Geoff Percy led Smith and Nephew in 2000 to create a Beauty business that was later rebranded as Simple Health and Beauty. During his tenure Simple became the UK’s leading an fastest growing skincare brand. Finally, Graham Lynch-Staunton has worked within the beauty industry for 25 years, within Private, PLC and Private Equity Environments and has worked across almost all beauty categories and could arguably be called the ‘founder of the dry shampoo category’ having taken Batiste from a small brand worth £400k in 2001 to an international market leading brand with a value of £40m in 2011.

However, Below the Belt’s range isn’t purely about preventing Betty Swollocks, our nether regions are a hot bed of breeding for bacteria and possibly infection. The ingredients and formulation of the products in this range actively work to protect you and prevent such nasties from taking ahold.

Such hero products with the range include, INSTANT CLEAN BALLS, sorry, what? I hear you cry in unison. So if you tend to go out straight from work or ware going a festival or facing a long commute home, this product will cleanse, helping to kill bacteria and odour. There’s no need for a shower, it is instantly absorbed and effective, yeah I know amazeballs, so to say.

Then we have FRESH & DRY BALLS. Now if you use antiperspirant you should be using this gel to ensure you stays dry and comfortable, errr down below. Its gentle formula is absorbed quickly and leaves a dusting of talc in all the right places. Unperfumed, it uses only essential oils.

Lastly, if you run, climb, cycle, plays football or partake in any sporting activity where you works up a bit of sweat. You need to check out SPORTS LUBRICANT, this smooth, non-drag product will prevent chafing or unnecessary discomfort.

Words by Isaac Perry

The rebirth of jewellery within men’s fashion has in the last couple of years hit an all-time high, with the market expanding dramatically with accessories now becoming key in many outfits.
Excluding the wedding band, jewellery of this kind was previously been excluded from the average males ‘look’. However thanks to a hand full of brands a large market has been opened for high-quality men’s jewellery at affordable pricing, alongside designs which would catch anyone’s eye, these brands are becoming the innovators in this bracket of the market, with their alluring designs.
The founder, Oliver Proudlock had two passions as a child and these were fashion and art, finally collaborating the duo with the opening of his brand Serge Denimes in 2011.
Seen throughout the brand’s previous collections are beautifully designed pieces with the finer details never being off the mark for look or quality. ‘The brand strives to build an artistic community and focus on producing exciting yet relevant designs.’

Products range anywhere from £25-£188 and in our opinion here at Clothes Make The Man, if you want to spice up your look with that little extra piece then this is the place to look and with a new collection on the way you have a lot to look forward to.

Alex Orso

Simplicity is key to Alex Orso designs, through using geometric shaping with clean cut lines and varied shaping is key to the brands look within this collection, with recently released pieces including Arrow necklace in silver as well as the nut and bolt necklace in gold, however our favourite pieces include the stones, as each piece showcases the stones natural colour and thanks to slight variations in the cut, each individual piece is unique.

With a price range £85-£270 the products are slightly more expensive, however, for a unique piece, we know we wouldn’t be complaining. ‘Detail defines the man.’


We love both of the previous two brands however, both these brands might not necessarily serve all purposes, with Mister offering a product with the option of more bling, continuing the more affordable prices, all though some ranging up to £500, with the vast majority being under£70.

What’s different about Mister is that it offers the choice personalised jewellery with the brand bringing your creation to life, a feature which we love. Similar to Alex Orso’s designs for bracelets, simplicity is clearly key, however for the pendants found on necklaces they offer a more detailed option including our favourites the mini Medusa and Mini King Tut pendant.

To conclude if you haven’t yet, we would strongly advise you visit these three sites and add a little something extra to your look, with the smaller detail completing your look, so what are you waiting for?

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The award-winning Mr Porter is known for being one of the hot spots online for men’s fashion, showcasing an array styles and selling hundreds of leading international brands all on one site.

Dominating its market for the previous years, the brand has become incredibly well known within the industry, never letting us down, whether it be for advice on men’s fashion or the actual product available. However, the brand is now branching out in creating there very own clothing in the name of ‘Mr P’, with the first collection containing 53 pieces.

Within the collection you’ll be able to find timeless staple pieces which we all can appreciate, the collection offers everyday pieces including trousers, cashmere-blend overcoats as well as Oxford shirts just to name a few, all pieces with should be included in your wardrobe.

The brand will be releasing 5 limited edition capsules a year and with this being there first I’m sure if you aren’t already you will be excited for what is to come. Here’s a look at a few of our favourite pieces:

Wool-Blend Sweater

Comfy and stylish, this wool-blend sweater is based on a vintage fisherman’s design that was unearthed from private archives. This textural piece graduates from a herringbone weave to ribbing. Embrace the rustic feel and team it with brown or deep-green corduroy trousers.

Shearling-Trimmed Leather Aviator Jacket

We love leather and we also love a good aviator… This smooth leather aviator jacket is fitted with a detachable shearling collar that looks cool turned up against the cold. The full lining provides warmth and a bit of structure.

Houndstooth Virgin Wool Coat

This specific houndstooth overcoat is made with practicality and style in mind. It has a roomy fit that means you can comfortably slip it over a jacket, while the flashes of red will brighten up winter outfits. The unlined construction shows off the expert craftsmanship and as the fabric is double-faced, it looks just as good inside out. Horn buttons and handy flap pockets round things off nicely.

Ribbed Merino Wool Zip-Up Sweater

We love how the Mr. P collection offers the kind of timeless foundation pieces that are essential to every wardrobe. This zip-up sweater has been knitted in Italy from pliable five-gauge extra fine merino wool – it’s weighty enough to wear as a light jacket between seasons. You’ll find that the green shade works equally well with dark and light colours.

Slim-Fit Selvedge Denim Jeans

We love quality pieces, especially these Mr P jeans have been made in Okayama, Japan, from narrow-loom selvedge denim – the trim at the centre-back belt loop is a marker of the fabric’s quality. Detailed with contrasting tobacco stitching for an authentic finish, this indigo pair has a comfortable mid-rise waistband and tidy slim-fit shape. You’ll find that they mould to your frame as you break them in.

German Sports Brand Puma celebrates 50 years of the ‘Suede’ ushering in unique drops that represent the varied cultures that the iconic sneaker has been a significant part of – from music, fashion, street and pop culture. This month, the party kicks it with the B-Boy Pack.

It may have started as a warm-up shoe, but the Suede got busy off the court when hip-hop was born in the Bronx. Smooth suede, fly colourways and a rubber outsole for grip: an instant B-boy essential. The Suede danced in the streets and hit stages around the world, remixed by new school legends solidifying its status as certified fresh #ForAllTime.

To pay homage to B-boy culture, Puma introduces the B-Boy capsule pack that consists of PUMA Suedes, T7 Track Suits, Tees and Accessories in OG styles and colourways.

Guys, girls and kids can gear up in three colourways. Fellas can pick from Black, Flame Scarlet and Forrest Green-Peacoat. Fly girls can choose from Red Dahlia, Spiced Coral and Blue Indigo while kids can kick it in Black, Flame Scarlet and Forrest Green. All B-boy Suedes come with the trademark thick grippy rubber outsoles perfect for power moves in dance battles. Fat laces fastened by gold name-plate locks make these babies legit breaker material. The kicks arrive in a special edition Suede 50 shoebox with metallic gold details and branding.

To compliment the sneakers and make a bold statement, the pack comes with the iconic PUMA T7 Tracksuit in Black and Flame Scarlet with signature 7-inch stripe down the side. The Suede Name Plate and Laced Tee give serious hip-hop swag. A mean Bucket Hat, a stuntin’ staple Suede Cap and classy Suede Backpack make the B-boy uniform complete.


Get the B-Boy Suedes and gear at FootAsylum from November 16th.
Follow @PUMASportstyle for all Suede 50 updates and check #ForAllTime to keep up with the conversation.


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