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Bags of Talent – Chapman Bags

No one can dispute the UK have an incredible reputation the world over for quality and craftsmanship whether that be in Car Production with the likes of Rolls Royce or Jaguar. In the service industry […]

Oct, 30 · in Style

125 years in the Making – Lee Jeans 125th Anniversary

To mark this milestone anniversary Lee are producing a series of special projects, bound up in one yearlong celebration. To kick proceeds off Lee have asked designers at the helm of Lee’s four favourite labels who […]

Oct, 29 · in NEWS

A SPEZIAL Collection from adidas – adidas Originals X SPEZIAL

In 2013 adidas held an exhibition to celebrate all things Adidas and showcased the product collections of some of its most passionate fans. It was a major success and it’s ‘SPEZIAL’ title has since come to […]

Oct, 28

Shhhhhhh don’t tell the girlfriend – Bio Oil it’s not just for her

I’m still a little unsure as to why I’m writing this and not the great Mrs Mc, but there you go. Why do I question, myself writing this post ? Here’s why, the product under […]

Oct, 27

I think I’m turning Japanese – John Smedley X Comme des Garçons

To say British, heritage knitwear brand John Smedley have invented themselves, is a bit of an understatement, along the same lines as describing the Great Fire of London as a bit of a contained bonfire. […]

Oct, 24

A Picture paints a thousand words – Jack Hughes, Textual Conversations

Jack Hughes, maybe a name that sounds familiar to you, but after today’s interview, there will not only be no doubt who he is in your mind but also, hopefully, you will have fallen for […]

Oct, 23

Wanna join this Crew ? – Crew Clothing

Sick of the urban Rat race ? Long for the more relaxed country life ? No we’re not talking about retiring, but escaping once in a while to an rural retreat, you know rolling fields, […]

Oct, 22



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