Whatever your thoughts may be on the festive period, it is a time that is full of tradition, presents and (lots of) food – the latter in the list is certainly the favourite aspect for many of us, but the second one can be the area where we come up short. When it comes to getting presents for the woman in our life, we can sometimes be in need of some inspiration. With that in mind, we’ve asked some of the leading lady bloggers in the entire bloggersphere for some giftspiration when it comes to presents for the fairer sex. So have a look at this list that can help avoid your partner from having a fake smile with the backdrop of disappointment on her face which leads to you scrummaging around for the gift receipt.


These all-over graphic yoga pants from Adidas are the perfect Christmas present for any woman who loves to exercise. The moisture-wicking ‘climalite’ fabric is designed to stop sweat from building up and will offer your partner ultimate comfort whilst they’re doing their exercise. Additional to this, these are part of the Adidas sustainable programme, meaning that they are made from recycled fabrics so they are helpful to the environment. An added bonus to keep your partner happy!


Make a grand  gesture and offer that special lady the key to your heart with this classic key pendant from Thomas Sabo.


“Top of your wishlist for Christmas is a teeny tiny DSLR that weighs next to nothing but takes amazing pics that instantly transfer to your phone. But as that hasn’t been invented (yet), I’ll settle for a Leica Sofort Instant camera.” Navaz Batliwalla, fashion editor, author and Disneyrollergirl blogger


Not only is Rosie Huntington-Whitley a beautiful world-renowned model and actress, she has also produced this wonderful lingerie set with Marks & Spencer, which can be a great gift for your partner. Underwear is always one of them grey areas when it comes to purchasing a gift for your partner – but this design is perfect when you want something that is sexy but not trashy. Still though, you probably want to make sure she doesn’t open it in front of her parents!


“Top of my wish list is a Smythson Diary. I’m an old fashioned gal and try as I might to use my phone’s calender, there is nothing better then pen to paper in a lush diary I can carry around. ” Yvadney Davis, Kids Fashion Stylist and Blogger,


If price is no issue when it comes to getting a gift for your partner, then why not get them the pinnacle of all gifts – a diamond! The loose diamonds offered from Diamonds of Choice come in a variety of shapes and sizes that will be sure to take your partners breath away when she opens the gift. You’ll definitely be in the good books for the coming year!


“Top of my WISH list is this cashmere sweater – I mean it has my name on!” Isla Bonita Back Cashmere Sweater by Chinti and Parker. Bonita Turner, Freelance Shopping Editor and blogger at mamasVIB


May be known as Mother’s ruin, but what lady could refuse to channel her inner Carol Vorderman and let her get her science on with this Make your own Gin kit from the Foundry. It gives you everything you need to craft your own unique blend of gin in just 36 hours.


Top of my wish list this year is a laptop. I’ve spent too much time faffing around on holiday or travelling trying to write or post projects on my phone. Have laptop, will travel! Erica Davies, founder of fashion and lifestyle blog The Edited


If the weather reports are to be believed we could be in for the first white Christmas in years and what does that mean ? Wrapping up and, more importantly,  snuggling up. What better way to make sure your lady is starting to feel warm, than in this thick and sumptuous wool cardigan by The White Company


Top of my Christmas list is (another) pair of trainers. But not any old trainers, a pair of customised Nikes (please Father Christmas) that I have no intention of doing any actual training in and instead will be using as my going out/meeting with young people sneakers. I think the official name is a ‘Lifestyle Trainer’ and the number of customisable options makes my head hurt in a good way. Toni Jones, Journalist, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, Founder of Detox|Retox


Go on spoil her, you know she’s worth it and what better way than with a beautiful timeless, classic like this Lucerne watch by Rotary Watches.





We all know how stressful Christmas can be trying to get the right present for the right person, trying to impress folk by having them over for a Festive  soirée, being caught in prolonged confined spaces with the outlaws, the list goes on. To take as much stress out of the Yuletide as humanly possible, we’ve sort the wise counsel and words of wisdom of some of the best brains around. A selection of learned minds and experts in such fields as Nutritionalists, Professors of sleep (honestly), some of the biggest and best names in blogging (hmmm who all happen to be women, what does that tell you?), ohhh and Dom and Steph, from Googkebox, naturally ! Who else do you really need to survive the Nightmare before, or during, Christmas ?

img_8598“prepare, prepare, prepare! Read every gift guide going and make huge amounts of lists. Work your way through them and reward yourself when you’ve ticked them off. Shoes or wine works for me.”

Erica Davies, founder of fashion and lifestyle blog The Edited.

img_8603“Spending that little extra on an organic or free-range turkey is certainly worth it. Not only is it ethically sourced, it will also have better nutritional benefits and deliver on flavour. Then, stuff the cavity of the turkey with herbs, citrus fruits, and an onion to add flavour. However, it is important to ensure there is space for heat to circulate. To make the stuffing seasonal, add some festive favourites such as cranberries, chestnuts, sage and clementine zest. Lastly, don’t dispose of the caramelised juices left behind by the turkey as they make the perfect base for the gravy. Adding Madeira, a tbsp of plain flour and quality stock to it will make your gravy rich and delicious.”

Steve Smith is the Head Chef at the Michelin starred Bohemia, which is the only restaurant in the Channel Islands to be listed in The Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants.

img_8609“Grab a notepad and divide into everyday in December morning, afternoon and evening. Then write down everything you need to do – include what to buy, events, days out, family visits – literally everything and by what date. That why you won’t forget anything and each day you’ll know what you need to achieve. I would also schedule in time to yourself – and understand that this is just a reminder schedule not a must-do. Learning to be satisisfied with ‘good enough’ is never truer at Christmas. Your wrapping/tree/meal may not be perfect but if your with your friends and family does it matter?”

Bonita Turner, Freelance Shopping Editor and blogger at mamasVIB

img_8604Professor Colin Espie, give you his top 5 tips on how to get kids off to sleep before Santa drops in for his milk and cookies.

“1. Be active during the day, 2. Stick to bedtime routines and rituals, 3. Act before your child gets overtired, 4. Give them plenty of notice & 5. And if all else fails…With a house full of guests, your child may understandably feel as though they are missing out on all the excitement by going up to bed. If you’ve followed the tips above and still have a stubborn and weary young one hanging onto the bannisters in protest, the suggestion that Father Christmas only leaves presents for children who are asleep might just be enough incentive to encourage lights out.”

Professor Colin Espie, is a professor of sleep medicine at the University of Oxford and co-founder of Big Health, a digital health company.

img_8600“This year for me it’s all about preparation. And I don’t mean buying extra wrapping paper, I mean preparing myself for the hectic festive season by getting on the yoga mat and investing in some ‘me time’ now. I love Christmas, sometimes a bit too much, and having spent a lot of energy this year on finding a better work/life/party balance I’m taking a steer from the experts and getting myself in a good headspace with restorative yoga and healing facials at Good Vibes this month so that I’m in the best place to take on the back-to-back parties, ‘one-for-the-road’ peer pressure, family politics, beige buffets, the mother-in-law, the M6, Westfield….”

Toni Jones, Journalist, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, Founder of Detox|Retox

img_8605“Having a laugh is one of the best remedies for stress – it triggers healthy changes in our body. Many studies show that laughter boosts our energy, decreases stress hormones, improves immunity and diminishes pain. But what’s very important for anyone, who is stressed, laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the natural feel-good chemicals that make us happier and relaxed.”

Dr Marilyn Glenville, UK’s leading nutritionist and author of ‘Natural Alternatives to Sugar’

img_8602“I think there’s too much pressure put on the big day, which gets people flustered and stressed out in the lead up to Christmas. That’s why I believe in spreading the festivities over the season and avoiding the hype. A feast at the grandparents later on in the week, a day out at Winter Wonderland, carols in candlelight, pub night with the mums… it becomes about the Christmas season and not the ‘perfect’ Christmas day.”

Yvadney Davis, Kids Fashion Stylist and Blogger,

img_8606“Get some exercise – even a short walk in the fresh air can help to reduce stress levels. Walk briskly to help increase endorphin levels.”

Shona Wilkinson, nutritionist at

img_8607“Dilute the habitual behaviour, invite waifs and strays into the warmth of your household.” TV’s Dom & Steph, from Channel4’s Googlebox.

img_8608“Buy all your pressies throughout the year when you see them so you don’t have a last minute panic. (Extra tip: try not to use them all yourself in the meantime.) If in doubt, just buy a copy of my book, The New Garconne: How to be a Modern Gentlewoman – perfect for men, women and children everywhere! I also love a gospel choir. Great for families, you can’t beat a chorus of My Sweet Lord to banish the winter blues!”

Navaz Batliwalla, fashion editor, author and Disneyrollergirl blogger.


img_0356Can  you believe we’re already into the third of our 12 posts of Christmas in association with The White Company. Today we see us covering everything you could possibly need, either for yourself or for giving as a gift in the grooming spectrum, covering every price point and budget you could possibly imagine. Enjoy.

img_8488 img_8489

Look super suave when traveling with this AMAZING Tom Ford grooming compendium complete with wash bag, please Santa let this be under my tree come Christmas morn.



This ultra stylish manicure set by Harris Tweed exclusively for House of Fraser will have you wanting to shake hands with everyone you meet.


There are some great gift sets for men this Christmas and this has to be up there with the best of them by Clairns Men.

img_8495 img_8496

This, as the name suggests offers you head to toe coverage in the grooming stakes from the great boutique brand, Pankhurst London.


Go all traditional and try this great shaving soap, bowl and brush All from the Aspen collection from The White Company.


If you’re look to up your grooming regime in 2017 I couldn’t recommend highly enough this great starter set from Clinique for Men, may only complaint is it doesn’t contain the essential Post Shave  Soother.



Or if your looking for an alternative, look no further than this set, including wash bag by Lab Series. It literally is all you need, OK bar a razor, toothbrush and paste.


Not all men like to have a signature fragrance and stick to it, some guys enjoy mixing it up and this is the perfect way to do it. You have these four  distinctly different scents but they all originate from the same family source in Polo Ralph Lauren.


This is a great gift idea, perfect for the gym in 2017 this gift set complete with stylish backpack by Jack Wills who wouldn’t want this ?


Wanting to get into the  21st century or simply just sick of the daily grind of wet shaving here’s your solution the Braun Series 9 is for more than a mere electric shaver.


Who mentioned the  dreaded gym word ? Let these brilliant produces fro. The Sport range from, Molton Brown energise and soothe those aching muscles.


American Crew is a classic brand when it comes to hair styling And will ensure you look cool as ice over the Yuletide.


Who wouldn’t want to find this at the bottom of their Christmas tree come the 25th, The London Collection by Aesop, literally a complete grooming regime in this super stylish packaging.


As we pointed out a couple of weeks ago Candle are no longer the sole preserve of the fairer sex and this is a perfect example Orange Britters by Jo Malone, plus it’s excellently festive.


img_8461Yes, dear God above if your household is anything like our at this time of year your constantly spelling out words or having to leave the room to partake in some clandestine conversation about some toy or other and the level of secrecy you are having to undertake puts the KGB to shame, all so your child is overwhelmed with excitement come the big day. As always, it goes without saying, we are on it on your behalf scouring both on and off line for great ideas to help take the pressure off. Hey if it means you enjoy one more mulled wine or mince pie, it was all worth while. So enjoy our gift guide in conjunction with The White Company to bring you some splendid inspiration for gifts for the kids in your life.


Top of Toy Emporium, Hamleys, list of Christmas toys for 2016 is Pie Face Showdown, a gift for all the family and even more fun after a couple of post Christmas Dinner Snowballs.


If he didn’t get on your nerves the first time round, this time he’ll do it. You can now interact with your Furby Connect by petting, tickling, shaking, turning upside down, or even moving its antenna like a joystick ??? It has more than 150 colourful eye animations and goes to sleep when you put the included sleep mask on, thank God. Plus, the Furby gets updates and learns new phrases with the app, and even has a light-up antenna that glows when theres something new to discover in the app!


One for the young and young at heart. You know we here at Clothes-Make-the-Man can’t resist anything Star Wars and as the anticipation grows until the release of Rogue One-A Star Wars Story we couldn’t resist this brilliant Star Wars Lego set of Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle. May the force be with you.

img_0336Nerf’s Mastodon blaster is a serious piece of kit. It fires soft foam bullets from its 24-dart drum. “It takes the Nerf gun, an old favourite, to another level. This is really for taking on Dad on Christmas Day,” said Sarah Strangeway, head of buying at Hamleys.


Looks like the demand for Smart Watches isn’t waning anytime soon, even kids are getting in on the act with the V-Tech Kidizoom Smart Watch you can learn to tell the time, play games and even record their exercise and movement.


Who doesn’t want a giant soft Penguin in their life ? OK don’t worry, The White Company do them in all sorts of sizes.


Nice to see an old favourite still prove to be as popular as ever and make it onto the Top Ten most desirable list. Mystify and amaze with this Magic set from Marvin’s Magic.


Re-live one of cinema’s most iconic moments, well I think so, pretend to be Tom Hanks in ‘BIG’ with your very own gigantic Piano keyboard. Simply put it on the ground and let your feet pick out a melody. It comes with seven different musical instrument settings and saves and plays back your performances and compositions. It is also a fun and ideal way to get children interested in taking up an instrument.


This is a perfect example of buying something under the guise of, it’s for the kids. The Ultradrone X31.0 Explorers Quadcopter provides hours of entertainment for adults and children alike. It’s a unique 6 axis stabilisation system gives this drone the ability to hover and go through a full 360 degree rotation. The easy to use, hand held radio control unit allows you to fully control the movements of the drone. It has a controllable distance of about 50metres.


Some day you too will fly away with this great CHILDREN’s trampoline, i.e. No for adults particularly after a few sherries. Let your little ones bounce away all that extra energy built up with the excitement of Christmas.


 Image result for Christmas banners for the white companyThe White Company

Yes it’s the 1st of December, the first door of your Advent Calendar can be opened, is a chocolate behind it ? Remember, Advent Calendars have come on an awful long way, since our day, no more when you prize open the window are you met with some sorry looking Robin, or a wonky Snowman. By Golly gumdrops those days are far behind us, with this in mind we’ve scoured the aisles of some of the most illustrious shopping destinations both on and off line, looking for the best and most interesting Advent calendars for every member of the family. You’ll be the envy of the whole workplace or school when you answer, What was behind your window this morning ? If you purchase any of these little beauties.


It had to be, MR PORTER, who have launched an exclusive advent calendar designed in collaboration with Welsh knitwear brand Corgi. Treat someone special to a season of fresh socks with this clever gift. From the first day to the 24th, each drawer is stuffed with a cotton-blend pair of Corgi brand socks in festive patterns, while Christmas Eve reveals a luxurious cashmere and silk-blend design. But Shhhh let it be a surprise.



Of course, what’s good for the Gander is equally good for the Goose and what could be more luxurious then this shapely form of a Jo Malone Advent calendar. Twenty four spoiling surprises mark the countdown to the holidays and all the joy they bring. Look forward to the moment each day when you open the doors of your very own Jo Malone London Townhouse to reveal gift after gift.


One for the kids, no matter what there age and hey there is no sexism here at Clothes-Make-the-Man a Star Wars Lego Advent calendar is for everyone. Can you believe a different surprise including an albino wookie, behind each door !



Ok so not technically an Advent calendar and more of the 12 day of Christmas but after a month of overindulgence your skin is likely to be showing the signs of exhaustion. Late nights and partying can take their toll on skin, however, help is at hand with ClarinsMen 12 Days of Christmas Calendar. Starting on 25th December, open each window to discover hero products as well as some new favourites to help your skin on the road to recovery. Everything from detoxing, cleansing and fatigue-fighting, these products will make sure that you are ready for the New Year!


This Eleanor Stuart Ginger Bread House Advent Calendar, available from Harrods, naturally, is perfect for counting down to Christmas in festive style. With a ginger bread house design complete with 3D candy canes, icing and a miniature ginger bread man, this amazing calendar has twenty five numbered draws for you to fill with your favourite treats to celebrate the holiday season. A perfect gift for or an investment centrepiece for your Christmas decorations.


You could say I’ve left the best til last, OK I have, this year, be sure to count down to Christmas in style with this Whisky advent calendar from Drinks by the Dram. Behind each of the 24 windows lies a different wee dram of whisky. As each calendar is the same you’ll be able to discuss the dram that’s revealed each day with your friends, whether it be a single malt Scotch whisky or some other treat from around the world. Yes I know, thank you.

the-white-company-1The White Company


by Keanu Adorable

Following three successful years as a creative consultant to the brand, G-Star RAW  welcomes Aitor Throup as its Executive Creative Director. The RAW Research collection was born from G-Star’s internal innovation lab, developed and led by the British designer. Focused on experimenting with product design by clashing tradition and innovation, the laboratory symbolises an endeavour to find new ways of crafting denim. The result: the first RAW Research collection.

G-Star RAW continues its innovative take on denim with the latest and most directional capsule collection from to hit select stores early December. Both the studio and the brand are committed to imagining and creating new ways of story-telling through object design and the production of related materials. “My new position at G-Star will also allow me to reflect my approach to product design and story-telling as well as some of the practices and systems which we will continue to utilise within my own studio” said The Royal College of Art graduate.


By using supreme Italian selvedge denim fabric for every single piece, the capsule collection explores the two polar opposite states in the life of a denim garment: rigid, untreated raw denim on one extreme and bleached-white denim, where only a hint of indigo remains, on the other.

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View The Collection

The artist and designer launched his first collection for G-Star during Paris Men’s Fashion Week in June this year. The 20-piece collection includes a bleached version of the Rackam 3D Tapered jeans and the Rackam bomber, a jacket that can be taken off and conveniently carried on the shoulders through an innovative strapping system.

Words by Charlie Britton


What was once something difficult to define, now plays a big role on catwalks across the globe, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. A grassroots culture, evolved from Japanese fashion conscious sub-cultures, California skate/ Youth culture and the underground music scenes, Streetwear has increasingly popularised itself with celebrities, catwalk designers and not to forget, the millennials, who we have to thank for the progression and popularity of Streetwear and the brands that sit in perfect harmony with it’s ever growing audience.

You may have heard of Supreme, Palace and Stussy before, but we’re here to talk about luxury streetwear, rather then skate brands who dominate a large chunk of the streetwear industry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stating that those brands aren’t luxury, as in a sense they most definitely are when it comes down to skate brands, but I want to showcase some not-so-well known brands that are raising the bar when it comes to high streetwear fashion, who don’t really associate themselves with skating what so ever.

Nid-De-Guepes, or N.D.G Studio, is a Parisian Ready-To-Wear and footwear brand, established in 2013. Nid De Guepes, meaning ‘The Wasp Nest’, focuses on combining American youth culture and French high-end fashion, creating some truly incredible pieces.

Mostly hand-made in Paris, NDG brings some really chic and crisp streetwear pieces to the table. A combination of original footwear, bold and monochrome colours and long, oversized silhouettes allow for some serious streetwear envy, and they’re just getting started.

Fear of God are an American streetwear brand sported by the likes of Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Kevin Hart. Their rather high price point puts them in line with a whole load of luxury retailers, and you totally can see exactly why. F.O.G designer Jerry Lorenzo is quite the perfectionist. For a pair of distressed jeans, Jerry spent months searching for the perfect denim, finding the best strategical place for the rips to go and the highest quality zippers for the ankles. At a higher price point to N.D.G, it could argue that F.O.G are just milking their customers for every penny they can get, but honestly it just doesn’t feel like that’s the case, the brand has far too much integrity.

Fear of God’s fourth collection is very much 90’s nostalgia inspired, featuring oversized denim, flannel and acid wash jeans. Quite different to the first pieces they launched back in 2013, featuring side zipped hoodies and extra long tees, the brand has grown from strength to strength and they’re pushing the boundaries of streetwear and military inspired garments. Definitely keep an eye on their fifth collection when its launched as I guarantee it’ll strike a chord.

Off White, unlike F.O.G and N.D.G, is a mens and womenswear brand that was also established in 2013. We+ can only presume that 2013 was a vintage year to launch a new fashion label, who knows ? Off White founder, Virgil Abloh, is an American creative designer who was the art director for the 2012 Jay-Z/ Kanye West collaboration album Watch the Throne, for which he was nominated for a Grammy. He then founded Pyrex, before shutting it down a year later, to only progress onto launching Off White. Milan based Off White are forever increasingly becoming more popular with streetwear enthusiasts, and there’s no reason to argue. Their pieces are truly works of art, such as the garment above, and I can’t stress enough how much I’m coveting that jacket.

Off White are also making their mark on mainstream high fashion. Their pieces don’t necessarily stick to current and future trends, although they feature some really beautiful garments and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this brand.

So there you have some very impressive streetwear brands and I’m super excited to see how they progress as trends move on. Don’t get me wrong, Palace, Anti Social Social Club and other mainstream skate/ streetwear brands hold a place in my heart, but the brands I’ve highlighted here are on their own level when it comes to luxury streetwear and here at Clothes Make The Man, we can’t get enough of them.