Have a Top Time with the Breitling Top Time

When the original Breitling Top Time was launched in the 1960s, it was a watch with a clear mission. Willy Breitling announced that his brand’s new watches were “particularly suited to the needs of the young and active professionals. We are designing a superb range of ultramodern chronographs, led by a completely new model, the Top Time.” The sports watch appealed to that demographic, who were drawn to its bold new lines and its undeniable elegance. And now, Breitling is reintroducing the Top Time, a collectors’ favorite with one of the most recognizable dials in all of watchmaking.

More than half a century after introducing its Top Time watch, Breitling is launching an updated and upgraded model. Like the 1960s model that inspired it, the new Breitling Top Time has an unconventional design that makes a bold style statement. A first glance at the dial, which has long been known to collectors as the Zorro dial, makes it clear that this is a watch that doesn’t take itself too seriously. But that playful face doesn’t disguise the superb chronograph performance, which is pure Breitling.

Breitling CEO Georges Kern commented: “Breitling aficio- nados have always loved the Top Time’s dial. When it was released more than 50 years ago, it was a watch that ap- pealed to a younger audience committed to enjoying the freedom and the spirit of the 1960s, and, amazingly, after all this time, it continues to stand out. The Top Time is an important but often-overlooked part of our heritage, and we know it’s going to resonate with men and women who love this blend of history, design, and great performance.”

Inside the Top Time’s 41-millimeter stainless-steel case is a Breitling Caliber 23 chronograph movement with a power reserve of approximately 48 hours. Its accuracy is confirmed by its status as a COSC-certified chronometer. The red hour and minute hands as well as the dot mark- ers for each hour are coated with Super-LumiNova, a luminescent material that ensures legibility in all lighting conditions.

The new Breitling Top Time’s modern retro look is perfectly complemented by its brown nubuck leather strap. This striking watch is limited to 2000 pieces, and its caseback is engraved with “ONE OF 2000.”

The Breitling Top Time Limited Edition will be the brand’s first watch offered with a blockchain-based digital passport, which confirms the authenticity and ownership of the watch with a single click. Owners can access the watch’s digital passport at any time and transfer ownership – if they choose to do so – with a simple blockchain transaction. Offered in cooperation with Arianee, the digital passport will also complement Breitling’s innovative digital warranty program by offer- ing the absolute security that can only be provided by a blockchain system. This cutting-edge technology, which makes it possible for customers to engage with the brand anonymously, allows Breitling to add new online services ranging from advanced clienteling to a revolutionary care program.

10 top tips for working at home

With the effects of Lockdown and Covid19 really starting to kick in, lots of us are now finding ourselves working from home. So with this in mind we caught up Alexander Joseph Interiors who wanted to share their thoughts and ideas for how you can make your work days as productive and seamless as possible. See our top 10 suggestions below.

1. Get organised – set yourself objectives for the day by writing a to do list.

2.  Use your lunch break wisely – move around the house, go outside or to another room, tidy your work space, pick up an extra hobby (reading, painting) something to distract your mind from work for a short while.

3. Make sure those around you know when you are working/when you can or can’t be disturbed.

4. Make sure you drink plenty of water – don’t break good habits just because you are at home.

5. Stay in touch with your colleagues – it doesn’t have to be all day every day, keep communication regular, it will make you feel less isolated.

6. Have a designated work space – only be in this space when you are working.

7. Stick to your normal hours – it can be easy to work overtime at home, but keep your routine as normal as possible – be strict with yourself when it comes to time management.

8. Get dressed – it doesn’t have to be normal work clothes, but don’t stay in you dressing gown or pyjamas all day.

9. Allow background noise – put the radio or some music on, the office isn’t usually quiet, so have another noise around you.

10. Plan your meals – don’t snack just because you’re at home.


Hope this helps.

Honestly, Summer isn’t that far away – Bluemint

Inspired by lifestyle, art, travel and photography, Bluemint’s inherent expertise within both quality fabrications and reputable craftsmanship cultivates not only a transitional façade, but a stapled mainstay to document the sophistication and affluent flair a gentleman should inhabit when abroad. Thanks to its seasonal stimuli and well-travelled aesthetic, each collection values both elegance and freedom, a combination that shares itself among demanding men who strive for wit, originality and escapism.

Driven by years of experience within design, as well as a passion for prints and fabrics, Dogu founded Bluemint in 2013. Since his childhood, Dogu has loved sailing and escaping to newly-discovered beaches that welcome a sense of freedom – a feeling that only travelling can provide. After studying at Kings College, London, Dogu spent many years in the capital working as a Managing Director for a family-run fabric business, and it was here that he decided to create his own lifestyle brand – Bluemint. With an international appeal and a timeless philosophy, Bluemint captures its Mediterranean heritage within a design where quality and fit is central to its development. Bluemint is an experience that promises to deliver exciting collections for both everyday and the extraordinary – season after season.

As a lifestyle brand that specializes in men’s swimwear, ready-to-wear, and accessories; Bluemint is an experience that promises to deliver a sought-after classicism, underpinned by a modern perspective with a concentrated detail. Mainly known for a wide range of classic swim shorts –the use of fabric interpreted with design is focused on producing garments that are tailored for both everyday and the extraordinary.

Inspired by the eternally classic, Spring Summer 2020 brings a playful twist on our popular essentials and pays homage to classic retro shapes. Mixing in sportswear detailing, this collection gets versatile where many styles can be worn across different activities, where comfort and movement at its core. Taking inspiration from the leisurely sunny days, the pallee of colours range from soft sun-bleached tones to bold hues that contrast and make a statement.

Each pair of swim shorts is constructed using time-tested methodology to ensure a water-repellent, soft-touch exterior. With a tailored fit, an elasticated waistband and contrast piping, each fully-lined swim short inhabits Bluemint’s soul to present a sought-after classicism underpinned by a modern perspective.

A collection of suitably cinematic comfort to relax to – Turnbull & Asser Nightwear collection

During the long days and nights of self isolation, some of you maybe finding yourself working from home, where you have/want to keep up one’s dapper persona. Others of you maybe be finding you have more time on your hands and have no desire to sink into a continuous state of slabbing out while watching continuous episodes of Friends. Nonetheless all of us share that one often finds solace in the immersive worlds of fiction and film.

As the year advances, the evening light starts to return, but temperatures remain cool. Perfect pyjama weather, one might say. As we emerge into Spring, Turnbull’s design team drew from this time, and upon inspiration found in the playful cinematic style of Wes Anderson, to bring a pop of colour to your night time wardrobe.

The resultant collection is a bold, playful and colourful mish mash of traditional patterns in Italian woven cotton. Kelly green gingham and yellow tattersall feature amongst bold pinks and blues. Each piece featuring a piping that off- sets the colours as a contrasting detail. Inspired by the characters and creativity of Wes Anderson’s films, and from the colourful requests of Turnbull’s customers from over the years, this capsule is owed to them.

The collection introduces six new pyjamas, all in bold, playful patterns and colours. Realised in a more contemporary fit and styling compared to Turnbull’s traditionally loose-fitting PJs, this new style introduces a revere collar, pocket details and a waistband with subtle stretch, making them exceedingly comfortable, and stylish. The pyjamas are accompanied by two colourful gowns and a small selection of boxer shorts, all of which are made in England.

Turnbull and Asser have made pyjamas, nightshirts, gowns and boxers for decades – crafted by the same skilled hands that produce their renowned shirts in our factory in Gloucester. With that level of care and attention going in to each piece, Turnbull’s nightwear continues to earn a loyal customer. All of the colourful cottons have been added to their Made to Measure and Bespoke books, so if you prefer to realise these cloths as shirts rather than nightwear, the option is there.

Clothes that Make the Man – Basic Rights Suiting

The ethical American based zeitgeist brand Basic Rights have upped the ante with their latest drop from Spring 2020, featuring their first foray into suiting, along with pleated trousers.

The brand was founded by Vaccines guitarist Freddie Cowan when they were touring around New York. The idea came into play when the band realised that they didn’t have clothes which they deemed appropriate to work in. Freddie proactively jumped onto this and got in contact with tailor David Chambers and so followed the birth of what is now Basic Rights.

They join a killer collection for this season including a freshly-launched botanical green suede biker jacket, corduroy high waisted trousers, knit tees, and short sleeved linen shirts.

The brand also released a statement in relation to COVID-19, and is offering 25% off ALL NEW STYLES with code ‘SPRING25’ as a token of solidarity and acknowledgement of the difficult times ahead.