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Bridging the Travel Gap – The Bridge

Thinking about booking a little city break, there is a bank holiday coming up, a cheeky weekend away or you may have more of a HOLIDAY approaching on the horizon ?  Whatever you choice of […]

Aug, 03 · in NEWS

Wardrobe Essentials – The Denim Shirt

Today sees the start of a new feature here at Clothes-Make-the-Man where we take essential menswear pieces, every well dressed man should have in his wardrobe at his stylish disposal and give you three options, one […]

Jul, 31 · in Wardrobe Essentials

10 Essential Sunglasses for Summerttime

It’s the middle of summer, and the temperature is still creeping up, whilst sunshine is beaming down upon us. Now wearing sunglasses is important, not just to look cool, but to also offer protection to […]

Jul, 30

The sweet smell of success – 6 of the best Premium Shower Gels

There’s nothing better than when someone, you admire, want to impress, are attracted to,  complements you on how well you smell, that they think you smell good. However, it isn’t as easy as to Splash […]

Jul, 28

Preview of Best of the High Street for Autumn 2015

The sun might well be cracking the paving stones at the moment, but the thought of Autumnal trends and coats, knitwear and boots sure aren’t far from the minds or images of our favourite High […]

Jul, 27

Salt of the Earth – Blue Collar Worker

Denim ranges are two a penny, every clothing brand good or bad produces denim and related apparel but few get it right and even fewer do it well. One such brand is Blue Collar Worker. Founded in […]

Jul, 23

Preview for Autumn 2015 – by Keanu Adorable & Elliott Parsons

Even though we’re in the midst of the height of summer, it’s never too early to look forward at the upcoming season, Autumn, everyone will be back from their holidays getting ready for darker and […]

Jul, 22



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