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I can see clearly now the SUN has gone – Transitions

You now how it is, its still sunny and bright but you don’t want to appear a dick by wearing your sunglassees you don’t wanna have to keep on swapping over from regular glasses to […]

Aug, 29 · in NEWS

Good, Honest, Hard Working Denim – Blue Collar Worker

BLUE COLLAR WORKER is a brand established by an experienced team of British denim experts as a reaction to being sick and tired of the seemingly endless conveyer belt of over-styled European and West Coast […]

Aug, 28 · in Uncategorized

The Buyer’s Guide to Autumn 2014 – Stacey Smith –

You may not have heard of the subject of today’s Buyer’s Guide and there is a good chance that you’ve not visited one of its stores. But, it can only be described as a pocket […]

Aug, 27

This will make you HAPPY ! – The new unisex Fragrance from Comme des Garçon & Pharrell

Now before we start I have to address a little matter regarding my household and a certain, undeniably talented Mr Williams. Recently the McG family returned from their Summer jaunt, where we were, what can […]

Aug, 26

Scarlett of Soho – Don’t worry it isn’t some 18th Century House of ill repute

Although the name Scarlett of Soho  conjurers up images of dim lit drinking dens and ladies of the night, nothing could be further from the actuality of this stylish, contemporary and incredibly convenient optical brand. The […]

Aug, 22

Preview of the Best of the High Street for Autumn 2014

Ohhhhh the nights are drawing in, most of us are unluckily enough to have returned from our Summer holidays and yes we have that sick feeling in our stomachs, reminiscent of the ones we use […]

Aug, 21

See no Evil, Hear no Evil – MOSTLY HEARD RARELY SEEN (MHRS)

Living up to its name, after long last, the highly sort after Streetwear brand, Mostly Heard Rarely Seen or MHRS as it’s widely known makes it’s European debut this month exclusively in Harvey Nichols. Inspired by his surrounds, […]

Aug, 20



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